Edelman Delivers Knockout Blow in T-Shirt Game with Gronkowski

Julian Edelman this week delivered what he believes to be the checkmate move in a battle of T-shirt wits with teammate Rob Gronkowski.

The two Patriots, inspired by a similar T-shirt sparring by actors Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin, have been involved in a garment version of Inception in recent weeks.

On Edelman’s birthday, May 22, he took things to the next level, wearing a T-shirt with an image on it of Gronkowski wearing a T-Shirt with a picture of Edelman wearing a T-shirt with Gronk’s mug on it.

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Is this the game-ending play Edelman thinks it is? With Gronkowski, one can never be certain.

For fans following along, the first two versions of the T-shirt are available for sale from the Providence-based company that the players asked to create the shirts for them. It’s not a promotion or partnership, a company representative told Boston.com, just the athletes having fun.

We hope Julian and Rob are enjoying themselves, because we all know that once the season starts players with a sense of humor, no matter how talented, are not appreciated by coach Bill Belichick. Wes Welker anyone?