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Patriots Drop TE D.J. Williams, DT Marcus Forston

The Patriots released TE D.J. Williams and defensive tackle Marcus Forston, getting a jumpstart on the trimming process ahead of Tuesday's mandatory cuts to 75-man rosters.

Reports: Fmr. Pat Blount Arrested for Pot Possession

The former Patriots running back has made off-field headlines before he’s had a chance to show his skills on the gridiron in Pittsburgh.

A Softer NFL? Not While Pats Tough Guy James Develin is on the Field

As the NFL drifts further away from tough, physical play, guys like the Patriots’ second-year fullback/tight end really stand out.

Finn: Projecting Pats’ 53-man Roster is Fun But Pointless

Covering the Patriots can be monotonous this time of year, which is why such content-producing tricks as projecting the 53-man roster are so prevalent. They're fun, too. Just don't expect accuracy.

Brandon Browner Not Thinking About Penalties, Focusing On Technique

When faced with the decision to either give up a big play or take a penalty, Brandon Browner has a clear preference: take the penalty.

Super Bowl Halftime: Sponsored By Greed

Apparently having a sponsor for the show is only one step toward maximizing returns. At what point does the league decide to charge the teams involved in the game for the right to play for the Lombardi Trophy?

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