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Jarome Iginla: Bruins Have to Carry Killer Instinct Into Game 6

Jarome Iginla -- who scored the Bruins second power play goal in Game 5 -- spoke about what what made the difference on the Bruins power play tonight.

"I thought in the first period, even though we didnít score, Bergyís [Patrice Bergeron] unit went out there and I thought they had some good chances, Carl [Soderberg] moved it comfortably, and Dougie Hamilton there up top," Iginla said. "We didnít score there but I thought we were just more confident tonight. It was a big boost when we got that, itís been a little bit, we all know that, the guys that are on it, we want to come through on the power play and itís been a little bit.

"It was nice; it was a great goal that Smitty [Reilly Smith] scored. It wasnít just the goal but it was again how they moved it around and were able to create and then be able to score at the end of the nice plays, thatís a big boost for a power play. At the start of a period was nice and then to be able to get another power play and follow that up, it felt good all the way around."

The power play goal by Iginla was his fourth of the playoffs.

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Iginla spoke about how important it was to get the win in Game 5 and keep the momentum heading to Game 6 Monday night.

"Game 4 was a big game, obviously tight, but to be able to get that OT win as a team and try to come home and build on that and use the crowd early," he said. "The crowd was great, the atmosphere, and just try to use that energy early and I thought we did that in the first, and the hits. I thought for the second too we were able to get that forecheck and that consistent zone time and some big hits and the crowd was right in it. We needed to use that and we did but we gotta keep going now."

Iginla spoke about the beautiful pass made by Torey Krug has to find him on that power play goal.

"Yeah it was a great pass," the veteran winger said. "I was just trying to sneak back and just hope that he would see me and I wasnít sure but he did and he threw it right on my tape. Itís a tough play, it was P.K. [Subban], the guy he beat. Heís [Torey Krug] a special player and heís a very creative guy. Weíve been fortunate all year to have the young guys on our PP units, Dougie Hamilton, Krugs [Torey Krug], Smitty [Reilly Smith], itís pretty impressive composure they have because there was some good pressure there but it felt good, great pass and I was just trying to get it off quick and fortunately it went five hole."

Iginla said it was important to maintain the killer instinct the Bruins have possessed all year heading into Game 6.

"We definitely do [have a killer instinct], thatís a goal," he said. "We expect that we are going to have to play our best game yet. But we also feel like we want to keep building off what we are doing. Today feels good but thatís a part of the playoffs, itís literally as soon as we leave the rink itís done and itís about preparing for that next game and trying to go in there and we know that they are going to try to use their crowd and we are most likely going to need our best game of the series."