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Explore the course Minute by minute, mile by mile, we take a runner's view of the Boston Marathon course


Expected arrival time

Lead men10:00 AM
Lead women9:35 AM
Wheelchair men9:25 AM
Wheelchair women9:25 AM
NOTE: Times approximate

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Hopkinton: 0 Miles (Start)

(Start to 2 miles)

Course elevation: 490 feet Net change (feet): N/A

Main St.

Hopkinton has hosted the start of the Boston Marathon since it was moved from Ashland in 1925. The first mile is the steepest downhill on the course, dropping 130 feet.


The race begins here, but if you think you'll find a good viewing spot, forget it -- it will be packed. Instead, meander down the route as far as a mile; around Frankland Road you'll get a good view of the racers as they zip downhill from the starting line.

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Past Boston Marathon Interactive Map