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Silent Retreats: Tradition Finds 21st Century Fans

A very pregnant Juliana Berger took a five-day trip with her husband and didn't speak to him once. They weren’t fighting. They were attending a silent retreat. New England Native Completes Year-Long Silent Journey by Foot

15 Great Bike Rides Across New England

Planning a bike ride? From scenic beach outings to challenging mountain rides, here are a few great bike paths and trails to try. Bike a New England Rail-to-Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame Route New England Gardens Picnic Spots Around Boston

Beach Town's Ban Prompts Battle Over Shave Ice

A $3 cup of shave ice is at the center of a dispute in this beach town between street vendors trying to stay in business and town officials who say the vendors cause traffic congestion and increase the potential for accidents.

12 Adorable Dog-at-the-Beach Pics Near Boston and Across the Globe

Do you travel to the beach with your dog? These dog owners are having fun in the sun with their pooches around Boston and across the globe. And they’re capturing it all on social media. 10 Beaches Across Massachusetts The Best Beaches in New England Beaches You Can Reach Using Public Transportation

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