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#TravelTuesday Pic: Where Was This Massachusetts Sunset Photo Taken?

This gorgeous sunset photo was taken in a city that is 10 miles from Boston. Can you guess where? Share Your Summer Sunset Photos

Scared to Fly? You Are Not Alone. These Classes, Apps, and Tips Can Help

It has been a very bad month for air travel. If you are afraid to fly, you are not alone. There are classes, apps, and centers available at hospitals and universities to help you cope. Very Bad Week: Airline Disasters Come in a Cluster A Rundown of Recent Passenger Plane Crashes

Sharks in Chatham Draw More, Not Less, Tourists

Nearly four decades since “Jaws” first flashed its pearly whites on the silver screen, the mindless man-devouring machine at the center of the terror has been re-branded. Shark Swag is Hot on the Cape Due to Great White Sightings

15 Great Bike Rides Across New England

Planning a bike ride? From scenic beach outings to challenging mountain rides, here are a few great bike paths and trails to try. Bike a New England Rail-to-Trails Conservancy Hall of Fame Route New England Gardens Picnic Spots Around Boston

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