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Replica of Lafayette's Frigate Due in Boston Next Year

L'Hermione, a modern replica of Lafayette's frigate, launched in Rochefort, France in September, and is expected to visit Boston in the summer of 2015. Tall Ships Will Return to Boston in 2017

#TravelTuesday Pic: Where Is WaterFire?

WaterFire, an award-winning art installation consisting of more than 80 bonfires suspended just above the surface of the water, turns 20 years old this year. You can see it for yourself October 11 at sunset. But where would you have to go? Where is this Paul Revere Statue? Where is this Paul Bunyan Statue? Where is this Panel of the Berlin Wall Located?

BDC Now: The Saga of the World’s Worst Drunk Airline Passenger

There are rules to being drunk on a plane and this woman broke just about all of them. Thankfully “Modern Family” director Ryan Case was there to capture every delicious moment. That, some impressive work from the Picasso of Pancakes, and much more, today on BDC Now.

Pro Tips: How Not to Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Every year, thousands of people step foot in a corn maze. And every year, an unsuspecting family becomes stuck. We caught up with some local farmers, who offered tips on how to avoid getting lost. Life Lessons in a Corn Maze 2014 New England Corn Mazes Fall Guide 2014

Core Values: 8 U-Pick Farms in New England

Nothing quite says fall like spending your day in an apple orchard. Whether you’re looking for the juiciest apple, prettiest pumpkin, or just an excuse to celebrate the season, here’s a list of eight local orchards where New Englanders can pick their own. 15 Ways to Use Your Apples New England Fall Food Festivals 2014 Apple Picking Guide

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