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Operator: Stranded Boston Boat Was in Restricted Area

A group of whale watchers expecting only an afternoon tour were forced instead to spend a long night at sea after their boat was snagged by a mooring cable off Massachusetts, officials and passengers said Tuesday. Seasickness on the Stranded Whale-Watch Boat: ‘It Was Gross’ Stranded Whale-Watching Boat Returns to Boston If You Were Stranded on a Whale Watching Boat, Which Boston Personality Would You Want Onboard?

Teens Love Vacation Selfies; Adults, Not so Much

Jacquie Whitt's trip to the Galapagos with a group of teenagers was memorable not just for the scenery and wildlife, but also for the way the kids preserved their memories. It was, said Whitt, a "selfie fest." Do You Think This is Real? Couple Takes Selfie as Lightning Strikes Traveler Takes 360-Degree Selfies in 36 Countries The Art of The Rollercoaster Selfie

10 Hotels with the Best Views in the U.S.

Here are 10 U.S. properties—including a New England favorite—that overlook superb vistas and offer hotel guests a picture-perfect point of view. Unique hotels in New England Boston’s Best Hotel Pools More from SmarterTravel

A Peek Into What A Romney Family Vacation Looks Like

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann recently took a few of their 22 grandchildren on a vacation through the American West, a trip documented by Romney in a blog post on Medium. Obama Family Moments During Summer Vacations on Martha’s Vineyard

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