Score One For Fido: Airport Adds $75,000 Dog Potty

Service dogs Jello, right, and Cricket sniff around the new Service Animal Relief Area that Delta Air Lines, working in cooperation with Detroit Metropolitan Airport, unveiled at the McNamara Terminal Tuesday, April 22, 2014, in Romulus, Mich. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Mandi Wright) DETROIT NEWS OUT; NO SALES. TV OUT. MANDATORY CREDIT
Service dogs Jello, right, and Cricket sniff around the new Service Animal Relief Area at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Mandi Wright)

Dogs in the skies can look forward to an easier bathroom break when flying to Detroit.

Most dog bathrooms in airports require dog and owner go outside the secure area, reports This means they have to come back through security after the dog “does his business.”

Beginning this week, after a $75,000 Service Animal Relief Area addition, four-legged flyers who frequent the Detroit Metropolitan Airport can take their potty break inside the secured area of the airport, making travel easier for both animal and owner.

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Most of the dogs who use the airport bathrooms are service dogs. That’s because service dogs are allowed to fly inside the plane cabin and move through airport terminals. People flying with dogs for other reasons (moving, vacationing, dog shows), can fly with their dog in the plane’s cabin only if the dog meets the airline’s size requirements. Otherwise, they fly in cargo.

Besides Detroit, there are only a handful of other airports with dog bathrooms so close to the gates, including Dulles International Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, according to These bathrooms save time because it can take up to an hour for flyers with service animals, upon landing, find the relief area, wait for a dog to go, head back through security, and return to the departure gate, reports

Marguerite Maddox, 58, of Detroit, told the Detroit Free Press it usually takes 30 minutes to take her black Labrador retriever named Jello outside to the bathroom. She called the new bathroom “a blessing.”

The new dog loo is comprised of patches of fake and real grass, a fake fire hydrant, and a sink for filling water bottles and washing hands. It can accommodate two dogs at a time. A sprinkler system rinses the urine to drains below the grass.

The bad news? You still have to use a poop bag and dispose of your dog’s waste.

Find out where the pet relief areas are at Logan International Airport, courtesy of reviewed the “petport” in Logan’s Terminal A. See a photo of the area and read the review.

Do you travel with a dog? What has been your experience with dog bathrooms at the airport?