Fisherman Catches Record-Breaking 544-Pound Mako Shark

Fisherman Patrick Eger caught a record-breaking 544-pound mako shark this summer off the coast of southern California.

He used a bow-and-arrow style of fishing to catch the 10 1/2-foot shark. The Wausau, Wisconsin resident talked to the Wausau Daily Herald about how he did it: “Eger drew and released a single arrow from his bow, sending a broadhead into the shark swimming below him. That broadhead was attached to a steel leader, which was connected to a 200 lb. monofilament line, which ran to a rod and reel wielded by Eger.” He reportedly fought for two hours to reel the shark in.

Eger, 47, is a host on Big E TV , a hunting television show, so cameras were rolling. What was it like to catch the shark?

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Eager said this to Wausau Daily Herald:

The mako is a very aggressive shark. They are not afraid of anything. He came in to where the chum is coming from and starts hitting the boat, ramming the boat, sizing up the boat.

The Bowfishing Association of America confirmed that Eger broke the old bowfishing record of 233 pounds. He will feature the catch on Big E TV’s “Wide Open” show on Fox 55 this summer.