10 Social Media Snapshots of the North End

Boston, MA 08/30/05 Pizza is served at Galleria Umberto in the North End , Tuesday, August 30, 2005.(Globe Staff Photo/Wendy Maeda) section: Food slug: ToGo Reporter: Leigh Belanger Library Tag 09072005 Food
Pizza from Galleria Umberto in the North End.
Wendy Maeda/The Boston Globe

From the history to the food to the festivals, the historic North End is a popular destination spot in Boston. Haven’t been yet? Here are five great reasons to walk its cobblestone streets. Now check out 10 social media photos posted by locals and visitors that caught our eye. We see a recurring theme: beauty and food.

Brian Andrews posted this on Instagram, writing, “Scenes from a Monday morning run in the hood.”

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Matty Togs from New York posted these cannolis from Mike’s Pastry, writing “I just hit the jackpot”

Casey Smith posted this on Twitter:

Amanda Mathews posted this pic, writing, “I’ll definitely go for a meeting in the #NorthEnd if it means snagging a great #view”

The North End Historical Society posted this on Instagram, writing, “Beautiful brick buildings in the #NorthEnd.”

James Fenimore from New York posted this Instagram photo, writing, “North end of boston with my kin.”

Elvis Jocol Lara postied this on Instagram, writing, “There are some nice urban courts hidden around Boston... this one’s in the #NorthEnd. Have to get some run on these courts this year

Mike Miller posted this mouth-watering shot on Instagram, writing, “Treat Yo’ Self!”

William Mann Photography posted this beauty on Instagram:

And, finally, Lauren Taber from North Carolina ate at Giacomo’s on Hanover Street. She posted the sign to Instagram, writing, “Hope it’s worth the wait.” Well? Was it, Lauren?