Golf Courses Adding Yoga, Hovercrafts to Entice Guests

Golf courses across the country are stepping up their amenities, with plans to add yoga classes, spas, wineries, even an amphitheater so golfers will stay and play after their round of golf.

The number of rounds played on golf courses has fallen by about 10 percent from the peak in 2006, reports Bloomberg. Therefore, properties hope the added amenities will increase their revenue.

According to Bloomberg, Woodmont Country Club near Fort Lauderdale in Florida is adding conference space, stores, restaurants, a spa, and a hotel to its course, to the tune of $100 million. Mountain Ranch in Baltimore plans to pump $800,000 into its property to add a concert amphitheater, and a winery.

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At Windy Knoll Golf Club in Ohio, you can opt to travel the green on a hovercraft rather than a golf cart — but it will cost you. Renting a hovercraft for 18 holes will set you back $185 per person ($110 per person for nine holes).

What do you think of this trend? Do you think yoga and concerts belong at a golf course? Would you rather rent a hovercraft than a golf cart? Before you answer that, you should know that the hovercrafts in Ohio “are kind of hard to control” and have caused “a few minor accidents,” Pet Duffey, the golf course’s managing director, told Bloomberg.