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Book a Paris Hotel for $1

If you are traveling to Paris before August 10, we’ve got an unbelievable hotel deal to tell you about. There are five Paris hotels experimenting with “honesty rates.” In other words, you can pay what you want. Solo Travel in Paris ‘Locks of Love’ Wreak Havoc on Paris Bridge

Cruise Passengers Recount Horror Stories to Senate

Laurie Dishman told senators through tears that she was choked and raped on a Royal Caribbean cruise by one of the line's employees, using her experience to shed light on the dangers that passengers might face on cruises.

Grand Canyon Urges Visitors to Stay Away From Bats

Grand Canyon officials are encouraging visitors who came into contact with rabid bats at the national park to seek medical care.

Alaska Boasts Record Number of Visitors. Meet 10 of Them

Alaska welcomed a record 1.96 visitors in the past year. Find out why folks are flocking to Alaska and meet 10 tourists trekking through our nation’s largest state this month. Trails, Salmon Viewing Top Free Anchorage Events

Scenes From Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport This Week

It’s been a tumultous week at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport after a rocket fired from Gaza Tuesday landed just a few miles north of the airport, causing U.S. and European airlines to cancel flights to and from Tel Aviv. United 1st US Airline to Resume Flights to Israel FAA Lifts Ban on US Flights to Tel Aviv Airport European Carriers Suspend More Tel Aviv Flights

Exploring Venice

Photographer Stefano De Luigi explores the waterways and islands of Venice.

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