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A Mount Washington Valley trifecta?

It's rollback Friday in the Mount Washington Valley this week, when Cranmore ($3.30), Wildcat ($9), and Black Mountain (the priciest at a whopping $10), will offer lift tickets at retro rates. That raises the question: With all three mountains in close proximity, is a trifecta in order?


It would cost just $22.30 to ski the entire day at all three mountains, about one-third of what you might normally pay for an average lift ticket. Start the day in North Conway at Cranmore, make your way to Jackson Village to ski Black around 11 a.m., then head on over to Wildcat around 1 p.m. to finish off the day.  Some skiers and riders are already talking about the possibility over on Wildcat's Facebook page.


Of course, there are drawbacks like having to step in and out of your ski boots repeatedly, not to mention the lack of parking you're apt to see later in the day at Black and Wildcat, which will surely be crowded with such deals available. Still, it's a cool opportunity to ski three of New England's most historic mountains in the same day at a rock-bottom price.

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