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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Well, that was ugly.

The rain and warm temperatures that tore their way through much of New England yesterday certainly had a negative effect on local ski areas, even forcing some – including Wildcat, Mad River Glen, Saddleback, and Wachusett – to close up shop for the day in order to preserve the snowpack that they have.

Wildcat remains closed today, and though Mad River Glen had planned to celebrate “Roll Back the Clock Day” with $3.50 lift tickets, the mountain was in a holding pattern until 7 a.m., when management made the decision to shut down operations. The promotion has been rescheduled for April 1.

The good news? Well, as far as Mad River is concerned, Josh Fox of the Single Chair Weather Blog, sees snow in the forecast for the valley beginning this afternoon, with 5-10 inches by tomorrow, prior to the deep freeze that will invade all of New England. That should provide decent snowmaking weather, though one of the last things you want to hear on the doorstep to February is “good snowmaking weather.”

But you’ll remember three years ago we were in this same sort of pattern when the Valentine’s Day Blizzard pretty much took care of that, turning a ho-hum snow season into an epic one. And wouldn’t you know it, Farmer’s Almanac has the following for Feb. 12-15: “Very stormy. Blizzard New England, 1 to 2 feet snow possible.”So, there could be that to look forward to in a few weeks. 

We’ll see if we’re in for a repeat of that event, if not pray for it. But all signs –and meteorological chatter - do seem to point to a strong February. 


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