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Electric slide

By Sam Lozier, Correspondent 

Ski blogger Sam Lozier is spending a chunk of this winter in Kashmir, India at Gulmarg.


I havenít posted an update from Gulmarg in quite some time now, and if youíve been reading this blog regularly, you may be wondering why.


Well, Gulmarg is the end of the line for power lines coming up from Srinigar, and in the midst of a two-meter storm of wet, heavy snow, trees and power lines are bound to go down.


Electricity is always a little shaky in Gulmarg; itís not unusual to have it go down for most of a day, but for the past four days weíve had no power at all. We havenít even been able to get the hour or two of generator power we usually get in the evenings due to a shortage of fuel in Gulmarg.


We came into this storm expecting the power to go out, so we charged everything with a battery ahead of time. The laptops were the first to lose power, closely followed by the iPods. That wasnít so bad, it made everyone talk more and go to bed early. Two days into the storm though, not only was I unable to continue writing for the blog, but more important things started to lose power, like the two-way radios we use to communicate and the camera batteries that are required to document all the fun here. By this morning the only thing I had left with a battery charge in it was my e-book reader.


Itís weirdly refreshing to have no electronic distractions for a few days. During the storm there was nothing much to do but ski, read, and work on drying gear for the following day: a simple and enjoyable routine.

































Allen Taylor climbing out of the pine palace after trying to get internet on the way to ski back to the green heights.


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