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Doing the Dumont Cup at Sunday River


Off the hook.

That sums up our weekend at Sunday River. You see, I was chilliní with my new freeskier friends Jossi Wells, Peter Olenick and Tom Wallisch (codename: T-crack) at Sunday Riverís Second Annual Dumont Cup. Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day at Sunday River for me, my kids and a thousand other frenzied fans. The pro-am event, hosted by Bethelís own Simon Dumont, was a huge hit Ė literally, given the slope style venue featuring two monster jumps.

Young kids went crazy as Dumont tossed out giveaways of his trademark Empire gloves along with cans of Red Bull, Salomon swag, and Target gift cards. But the craziest aspect of the event was the monster air and huge tricks the competitors performed as the afternoon, and the spring day, heated up.


The finals included the top 10 qualifying amateurs (narrowed from a field of over 100) competing with Simonís famous freeskier friends Justin Dorey, Gus Kenworthy, Mike Riddle, Wells, and Wallisch - the winner of the first Dumont Cup last year.

As a parent, I find the inverted air these ski athletes get is plain scary. This is definitely a ďdonít try this at homeĒ situation. But itís truly impressive to see the acrobatics they perform while launching high in the sky.  And they look like they are genuinely having fun (yikes), both the pros hanging out with their fellow X Game guys, and the amateurs savoring the opportunity to perform for, and against, their idols.


The winning trick came from amateur Alex Schlopy, who beat out the pros with a switch double 1440 (I believe thatís a backward double flip with four full rotations on skis in mid air). Dumont did not compete in the finals, leaving the field open for second place finisher Joss Christensen and Wallisch in third. Perhaps he was being gracious, or he was saving energy to sign autographs for the growing number of fans.


Aside from the daring Dumont Cup, there was very good coverage of carve-able corduroy on all eight peaks at Sunday River. Ski season is far from done my friends.

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