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N.E. Gold Pass strikes gold in Montana

ian-shedhorn-big-sky2.jpgTwice I have done it, and it still blows my mind. I arrive at spectacular Big Sky Resort in Montana, with Lone Peak looming large and inviting at 11,166í like the Matterhorn of Montana. After check in, I flash my New England Gold Pass at the ticket office and get a free lift ticket for my stay with my purchased lodging, 6 days this time. Boom! Talk about easy breezy Ė a Boyne resorts season pass bonus.

As excited as I am to tell you about this benefit to all Sunday River, Sugarloaf and Loon Gold pass holders, I am reluctant to share my love of Big Sky Resort. Montana is off most skiersí radar, and thatís one reason itís so awesome (read: no crowds). Another is Lone Peak, steep, snowy, expert terrain served by a 15 passenger tram. Big Sky has vast terrain, 3,832 acres, with a whopping 4,350í vert! Whatever your preference, groomed boulevards, snow drenched glades, scary chutes or open summit snowfields Ė Big Sky has it all under a brilliant blue western sky.

Colorado and Utah get most of the love from Eastern skiers on their annual western ski venture. Big Sky is further north, which has meant more snow these past few seasons.

Some ski resorts lose their lure and luster after a few returns ski trips, but Big Sky keeps serving me up interesting terrain, majestic views as far as the Grand Tetons, 400+/- inches of sweet high elevation snow Ė whether I visit in January, February or March. You canít beat it Ė especially with your Boyne New England Gold pass. You heard it here, and I may not remind you, it should be called Big Secret. big_sky_2103.jpg Photos by Greg Burke of Big Sky, Montana

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