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New film focuses on small Vermont ski areas

The annual crop of ski movies are always filled with the usual steeps, stunts, and other death-defying acts that few of us in the real world will ever attempt to perform, so itís refreshing to see that one of this yearís most promising winter films focuses on family and community rather than the surreal.

Debuting on Nov. 7, in Burlington, Vt., ďUnited We Ski,Ē is a new film from T-Bar Films that focuses on a trio of small Vermont ski areas: Cochranís, HardíAck, and Northeast Slopes.

No Boston dates have been announced as of yet, but T-Bar Filmsí web site does note that there is the potential for a local screening. Check out the preview below.

United We Ski Trailer from T-Bar Films on Vimeo.

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