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US 1st Gold medal at Sochi

sage-snowboard-gold.jpgAmerican Sage Kotsenburg grabbed the first gold medal of the Sochi Olympics. Nicknamed Second Run Sage, our US Team slopestyle rider scored a 93.50 to win the first Gold at Sochi, in the first ever snowboard slopestyle Olympic event at Rosa Khutorís Extreme Park. Sage is from Couer DíAlene Idaho, 20 years old, and known for his laid back attitude.

This is the same event that Shaun White backed out of to focus on winning his third consecutive Gold in Halfpipe.

The second US medal at Sochi was won by Hannah Kearney, she earned a bronze for her bump run. Kearney had won Gold at Vancouver in 2010.

Sunday is Menís Downhill, Bode Miller laid down the fastest time in training, and Womenís Snowboard Slopestyle. Go Team USA.

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