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Watch a Lamborghini invade a ski slope in Austria

Oh, the days when skiers simply had to endure things like ice, trees, and the random, renegade snowboarder on the slopes. These days, youíre just as apt to see the next Evel Knievel or Arthur Fonzarelli.

Yahoo! Autos presented the following clip of a Lamborghini zipping up the slopes in Flachau, Austria. The carís presence is truly made known when it races past a poor skier simply trying to skin his way to the top for some turns.

Of course, last month at Sunday River, Red Bull took extreme motor sports to a new level with its new Frozen Rush event, featuring specially-designed cars ripping up the slopes normally reserved for skiers and riders.

So, next time youíre coming down the hill, be sure to watch for oncoming traffic. Literally.

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