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Are Boston’s Sister Cities Just Like Boston? Yes—and No!

Boston has nine sister cities located around the world, from Belfast to Taipei. Here’s a quick look at how they’re alike and different from Boston. Both Beacon Hill and Barcelona have winding and narrow streets ideal for exploring on foot. A Closer Look at Boston’s Sister Cities Ireland Rolled Out the Red Carpet for Mayor Walsh Boston Visitor’s Guide

Boston Area Native Eliza Dushku Coming to Rhode Island Comic Con

The nerd niche actress will be at the Rhode Island Comic Con this weekend.

You Probably Didn’t Go Here Last Year. You Probably Didn’t Go Anywhere

It’s official: Americans are workaholics. The proof? In 2013, we took the fewest amount of vacation days in 40 years, according to a study. Why Are 77 Percent of Americans Working During Vacation? What Does the CEO Do on Vacation? Work

The Affleck Brothers Shot a Movie at This Tower. Where Is It?

This granite tower, built in 1854, offers visitors a panoramic view of the Boston skyline — for free. The tower has also served as a Hollywood set. Where is it? Where Is This New England Vanderbilt Mansion? Where Is Jack Kerouac’s Grave? Where is This Dramatic Massachusetts Waterfall?

BDC Now: Airplanes Won’t Have Windows in 10 Years

Traveling through the sky in a windowless metal tube sounds like a horror movie, but it’s the future of air travel. Don’t worry, the bigger seats and smart screens should make things much better. Learn about the proposed new planes on today’s BDC Now, and read more about OK Go’s reign over the world of music videos, failed dodgeball strategies, the death of the desktop computer, and amateur science gone very, very right.

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