Youthful risky behavior in Mass.

Youth Risk Behavior


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Consumed one (cq) or more drinks in the past 30 (cq) days:

Marshfield, Grade 9 – 41 percent (cq)

Marshfield, Grade 11 – 60 percent (cq)

State, Grades 9-12 – 40 percent (cq)

Rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol:

Marshfield, Grade 9 – 32 percent (cq)

Marshfield, Grade 11 – 37 percent (cq)

State, Grades 9-12 – 23 percent (cq)


Ever smoked cigarettes, cigars, or pipes

Marshfield, Grade 9 – 30 percent (cq)

Marshfield, Grade 11 – 53 percent (cq)

State, Grades 9-12 (cigarettes only) – 39 percent (cq)

Illegal drugs

Was offered, sold, or given illegal drugs on school property in the last 12 (cq) months:

Marshfield, Grade 9 – 14 percent (cq)

Marshfield, Grade 11 – 23 percent (cq)

State, Grades 9-12 – 27 percent (cq)

Note: Marshfield data is from 2012; state data is from 2011. State data is collected in odd-numbered years. The state numbers represent a sample of 54 public high schools.

Sources: “2011 Health and Risk Behaviors of Massachusetts Youth,” a report on two surveys by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Massachusetts Department of Public Health; “Marshfield YRBS Results 2012,” a slide presentation produced by the school district.