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Q&A with Mystic Valley Elder Services executive director Dan O’Leary

February 19, 2014 10:00 AM
The following was submitted by Mystic Valley Elder Services:

Q: Although I continue to live in our home, my wife now lives at a nursing facility nearby.  While I’m delighted that I’ll still be able to see her every day, I’m also really worried about the cost—and I’m worried that she’s worried, too. The last thing I want is for my wife’s health to deteriorate because she’s stressed out over my financial health.   Anything to bring us both piece of mind?
Answer: First, let’s take a moment to focus on the good: your wife is receiving the high-quality care that she needs, and you’re able to visit her every day.  What a relief this must be!
Of course, when you and  your wife decided it was the best course for her to move into a nursing facility, I’m sure you faced a great deal of anxiety over the decision – both emotional and financial. If your wife has MassHealth coverage, however, some of the financial burden has been relieved: MassHealth covers long-term care, and protects your assets as well.  So the short answer is, you and your wife can both stop worrying about going bankrupt from the cost of her long-term care.  MassHealth offers some protection for your financial well-being.
Income: It is important to note that your income, as the spouse remaining in the community (MassHealth refers to you as “the community spouse”), is not counted when determining MassHealth eligibility for your wife in the nursing facility.  Only the income in your wife’s name is counted.  Even if you are working and earning, say, $4,000 a month, your income does not count toward cost of caring for your wife in a nursing facility if she is covered by MassHealth. As the community spouse, you can keep most of your own income, no matter how much that totals. 
MassHealth will determine a “minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance” level for you that takes into account your housing costs and reflects the minimum you need to live independently in the community.  

That “monthly maintenance” ranges up to a maximum of $2,931.  If your monthly income alone is not enough to meet the “minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance” MassHealth set for you, you are eligible to divert some income from your wife in the nursing facility to meet that minimum.  If your housing costs are particularly high, you may be able to divert an additional percentage of your wife’s income.
MassHealth also determines a Patient Paid Amount for your wife.  This is the amount/percentage of your wife’s income must go to pay for her care in the nursing home. 
Assets: For MassHealth to cover your wife’s nursing facility care, your wife must have assets that amount to less than $2,000. While that may sound low to some people, remember that property such as your house, your car, or prepaid burial are exempt from that $2,000 – so most likely, we’re talking about cash and savings, unless you own real estate in addition to your home. 

Because you are “the community spouse,” you are allowed to hold half of your marriage’s communal assets—up to $117,240, not including your house, your car, or prepaid burial.  (But note that, if, for example, you sell your shared home, MassHealth does have the authority to recover money they’ve spent on your wife’s care from that sale’s assets; this is known as “estate recovery.”  If you have a lot of assets to protect, you may want to consult a certified Elder Law Attorney first. )
This is most certainly a stressful time for you and your family, and the MassHealth guidelines can be complicated.  If your loved one needs to go into a nursing facility, please contact our SHINE program by calling 781-388-4845 to speak with a counselor.  The SHINE counselors will work with you for free to navigate the requirements of Medicare, and screen you to see if you may qualify for MassHealth.
And don’t forget that MassHealth covers home-based care for people who would rather live at home. Our experts can answer your questions about home-care, personal care, and other care planning issues, as well. Please call Mystic Valley Elder Services’s main office at 781-324-7705 to get started.

Mystic Valley Elder Services provides critical, life-supporting care and resources to older adults, adults living with disabilities, and caregivers residing in Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, and Wakefield. Visit or call 781-324-7705 to find what you need to live the way you want.

Stoneham Theatre nominated for 9 awards

February 19, 2014 10:00 AM
Stephanie Granade & Andrew Giordano.jpg
The following was submitted by the Stoneham Theatre: 

Stoneham Theatre has a lot to celebrate.  The Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) have recently nominated the theatre for 9 awards. Beverly Creasey of The Boston Arts Review and Larry Stark of The Theater Mirror founded the IRNE Awards in 1997. Each year, the IRNE Awards celebrate theatre excellence in the Boston area.  

Jenna McFarland Lord is nominated for “Best Set Design” for transforming the Stoneham stage into a Cambridge pub for Distant Music. Also for Distant Music, Michael Buckley is nominated for “Best Actor in a Play.”  

Stoneham Theatre’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie is nominated for three awards. Ephie Aardema is nominated for “Best Actress in a Musical,” Andrew Giordano is nominated for “Best Supporting Actor in a Musical,” and Stephanie Granade is nominated for “Best Supporting Actress in a Musical.”  Granade can be seen in Stoneham Theatre’s upcoming production of the murder mystery musical Something’s Afoot opening on Thursday, February 27, 2014. Aardema is currently performing in the Broadway production of Bridges of Madison County.  

Jeffrey Hatcher’s adaptation of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde scored the most nominations for Stoneham Theatre. Jeff Adelberg is nominated for “Best Lighting Design” and Nathan Leigh is nominated for “Best Sound.” Esme Allen and Alexander Platt are nominated for “Best Supporting Actress in a Play” and “Best Supporting Actor in a Play” respectively.  

The IRNE Awards will be on Monday, April 7, 2014 at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama.  For more information, please visit  

Local students earn honors at Malden Catholic High School

February 8, 2014 10:00 AM
The following was submitted by Malden Catholic High School:

Malden Catholic High School, one of New England’s leading college preparatory high schools for young men, has announced that the following local students received honors for distinguished academic performance during the second quarter of the 2013-2014 school year:

Second Honors - all grades 80 percent and above.
First Honors - all grades 85 percent and above.
Headmaster’s List - all grades 90 percent and above.

Wenhao (Ben)    An      FIRST HONORS        Allston
Hengshen (Kim)  Li       SECOND HONORS   Allston
Tianshu (Sean)  Xiao     SECOND HONORS   Allston
Qin (Bill)      Xu             FIRST HONORS        Allston
Michael Cahill               SECOND HONORS   Amesbury
Michael Addorisio         SECOND HONORS   Arlington
Timothy Matthews         FIRST HONORS       Arlington
Anthony Palazzo           FIRST HONORS      Bedford
Joshua  Soldan             FIRST HONORS      Bedford
Reilly  Peters                FIRST HONORS      Beverly
John (Jack)     Adams   SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Samuel  Palmisano       FIRST HONORS       Boxford
Nicholas        Puleio     SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Cameron Walter           SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Cameron Arrigo            HEADMASTER'S LIST Burlington
Corey   Forester           SECOND HONORS     Burlington
Kyle    Forester            SECOND HONORS     Burlington
Riley   Gilberg             SECOND HONORS      Burlington
Thomas  Sullivan         FIRST HONORS           Burlington
Han     Yan                 SECOND HONORS      Burlington
Jeffrey Wang               HEADMASTER'S LIST   Charlestown
Ryan    Corliss            FIRST HONORS           Chelsea
Sanjey  Singh             SECOND HONORS      Chelsea
James   Irving, Jr.        SECOND HONORS      Danvers
Kristopher Mullaney    SECOND HONORS      Danvers
Zachary Sasso           FIRST HONORS          Danvers
Matthew Bruno           SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
Michaelangelo Gerardi SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
Ryan    Sherman         SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
James   Augustin        FIRST HONORS          Everett
Luisadrian Bernal        SECOND HONORS     Everett
Hardy   Jean               FIRST HONORS         Everett
Brendan LaVallee        FIRST HONORS         Everett
Peter   Le                    SECOND HONORS   Everett
Gerardo Lopez-Picardi  FIRST HONORS        Everett
Brenden McCarthy       HEADMASTER'S LIST Everett
John    McCormack      SECOND HONORS   Everett
Louis   Sierra               SECOND HONORS   Everett
David   Strott               SECOND HONORS   Everett
Kellen  Field                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Gloucester
Jacob   Horrigan          FIRST HONORS         Gloucester
John    Camozzi          SECOND HONORS    Groveland
Hualiang (Tony) Li       SECOND HONORS     Hartford
Yixiao (Eric)   Liang     HEADMASTER'S LIST Hartford
Yihan   Zhao               HEADMASTER'S LIST  Hartford
Cameron Betz             SECOND HONORS      Lynn
Samuel  Cappuccio     HEADMASTER'S LIST   Lynn
Matthew Derby           SECOND HONORS        Lynn
Colin   Harvey            HEADMASTER'S LIST     Lynn
Matthew Filipe            FIRST HONORS            Lynnfield
Devin   Kelly               SECOND HONORS       Lynnfield
James   Mortellite       SECOND HONORS       Lynnfield
Patrick Passatempo    SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Joseph  Spinosa         SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Joseph  Veglia           SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Andrew  Andrade        FIRST HONORS          Malden
Andrew  Barros          SECOND HONORS      Malden
Colin   Blake             SECOND HONORS      Malden
Daniel  Coelho           FIRST HONORS          Malden
Garphey Crevecoeur     FIRST HONORS        Malden
Jharem  Crevecoeur      FIRST HONORS        Malden
Carlos  Dominguez       SECOND HONORS   Malden
Christopher Fitzgerald    FIRST HONORS      Malden
Riley   Hennessey        SECOND HONORS   Malden
Christopher Hopkins     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Run Chen Huang         SECOND HONORS   Malden
Rohit   Jaisinghani       FIRST HONORS       Malden
Karlens Joas               FIRST HONORS       Malden
Cameron Koizumi       SECOND HONORS   Malden
Matthew McCarthy      SECOND HONORS   Malden
Peter   Melendez        HEADMASTER'S LIST Malden
Brendan Murphy         SECOND HONORS   Malden
Shane   Norton           FIRST HONORS        Malden
Brian   O'Callaghan     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Kevin   O'Callaghan     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Joshua  Ouellette        SECOND HONORS   Malden
Mark    Panzini           FIRST HONORS        Malden
Umang   Patel            FIRST HONORS        Malden
Tyler   Ransom          SECOND HONORS    Malden
Logan   Sprague        SECOND HONORS    Malden
Michael Ssentongo     HEADMASTER'S LIST Malden
Jack    Stockless       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Malden
Russell Sully             SECOND HONORS      Malden
Adam    Surette         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Malden
Alexei  Teague          FIRST HONORS           Malden
John (Jack) Albanese HEADMASTER'S LIST  Medford
Javier  Barria             SECOND HONORS      Medford
Brendan Bunker        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Christopher Cafferty   SECOND HONORS      Medford
Krzysztof Cefalo       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Frederick DeNisco    FIRST HONORS           Medford
Alejandro DePeña     FIRST HONORS           Medford
Anthony DeSouza     FIRST HONORS           Medford
Nicholas DeSouza    SECOND HONORS       Medford
James   Donlan        HEADMASTER'S LIST    Medford
Thomas  Donlan       FIRST HONORS            Medford
Michael Endicott      SECOND HONORS       Medford
Matthew Hirl            HEADMASTER'S LIST    Medford
Andrew  Kelly          FIRST HONORS             Medford
Cameron Kelly         SECOND HONORS       Medford
Logan Lanciloti-Stark SECOND HONORS      Medford
James McQuaid        HEADMASTER'S LIST  Medford
Joseph  Morrissey     SECOND HONORS      Medford
Andrew  Murphy        FIRST HONORS           Medford
Brendan O'Donnell      SECOND HONORS     Medford
Steven  Passatempo   FIRST HONORS         Medford
Victor  Ramos            FIRST HONORS         Medford
William Riley Jr          HEADMASTER'S LIST Medford
Liam  Shaughnessy    SECOND HONORS    Medford
Jared   Silva              FIRST HONORS          Medford
Peter   Skerry           SECOND HONORS      Medford
Wei (Kevin) Su          FIRST HONORS          Medford
Edward  Tan            HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Joseph  Toomey      FIRST HONORS            Medford
Michael Upton         SECOND HONORS       Medford
Gregory Viola          SECOND HONORS       Medford
Dylan   Bagley        FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Jack    Barresi        SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Jared   Bernis         FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Timothy Brown        FIRST HONORS             Melrose
William Carreiro       SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Jack    D'Errico        FIRST HONORS            Melrose
Luke    D'Errico        FIRST HONORS            Melrose
Ian     Dolaher         SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Steven  Doucette      HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Patrick Driscoll         SECOND HONORS      Melrose
Robert (Trey) Durant III  HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Anthony Gill              SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Austin  Goldstein       SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Corey   Goldstein       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
John    Graf                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Harrison Hahn           SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Robert  Hannula         FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Benjamin Hanover      FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Jonathon  Havey        SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Troy    Healy             FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Brandon Heng           FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Stephen Holmberg      SECOND HONORS    Melrose
Candan  Iuliano         SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Lucas   Janzen         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Kyle    Jones             SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Lucas   Kaestner        SECOND HONORS    Melrose
John    Kezerian         FIRST HONORS         Melrose
SungHyun (Sean) Kim  HEADMASTER'S LIST Melrose
Adam    Lew               FIRST HONORS         Melrose
Brian   Liwo                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Michael Loycano        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Liam    Lynch-Galvin    FIRST HONORS           Melrose
Michael McElligott      SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Christopher McKenna  FIRST HONORS           Melrose
Luke    McKenna       SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Max     Meier             HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Michael Moschella      SECOND HONORS      Melrose
John  O'Brien             SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Matthew Oteri           FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Derek   Packard       HEADMASTER'S LIST     Melrose
Michael Ronayne     HEADMASTER'S LIST     Melrose
Benjamin Scarpa    SECOND HONORS          Melrose
Christopher Schwarze HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Michael Shea         SECOND HONORS          Melrose
Joseph  Tansino     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Joseph  Valente     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Kevin   Walsh        FIRST HONORS                Melrose
Tyler   Webb         FIRST HONORS                Melrose
Jacob   Witkowski SECOND HONORS           Melrose
Cameron Zahner    HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Zachary Zahner     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Joseph  Crowley   HEADMASTER'S LIST       Middleton
John    McLean    SECOND HONORS          N. Andover
Ryan    Connor     FIRST HONORS              N. Reading
Ryan    Cristiano   FIRST HONORS             N. Reading
Joseph  Marini Jr.   HEADMASTER'S LIST   Nahant
Matthew Borges     FIRST HONORS            Peabody
Gianmarco Cappuccio  SECOND HONORS  Peabody
Michael Cashman  SECOND HONORS        Peabody
Frank   Celona       SECOND HONORS       Peabody
Alex    Gomes        FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Giuseppe Limoli      FIRST HONORS          Peabody
Alex  Massa          FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Rocco   Prestia     SECOND HONORS       Peabody
Kolbi   Shairs        FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Stephen Mayes     SECOND HONORS      Reading
Paul    McCarthy    SECOND HONORS     Reading
Kyle    Skinner      HEADMASTER'S LIST  Reading
Peter   Squeglia III  SECOND HONORS     Reading
Peter   Ventola       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Reading
James   Zaccardo    SECOND HONORS    Reading
Alexander Aguilar     FIRST HONORS        Revere
Phillip Antonucci IV    FIRST HONORS      Revere
Brendan Dao            SECOND HONORS   Revere
Christopher Dixon     SECOND HONORS   Revere
Joseph  Leone          SECOND HONORS   Revere
Nicholas Leone        HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Daniel  Marks          FIRST HONORS        Revere
Byung Kwon Moon   SECOND HONORS   Revere
Zachary Moore         HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Hugo    Palacios       SECOND HONORS   Revere
Juao-guilherme  Rosa HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Hans    Rosin           SECOND HONORS     Revere
Corey   Sanville        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Salem
Christopher Alihosseini  SECOND HONORS  Saugus
Benjamin Amico        SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Daniel  Barletta         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Saugus
Paul    Cook              SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Nico    DeFlorio         SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Nolen   Dube             SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Rachid  Elkhaouli       SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Antonio Fiorentino      FIRST HONORS          Saugus
Eric    Kalton             FIRST HONORS          Saugus
Christopher Kimmerle  FIRST HONORS         Saugus
Steven  Lima             SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Matteo  Mannara       SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Mark    Panetta         FIRST HONORS           Saugus
Nicholas Papageorge  SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Matthew Pelletier       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Saugus
Cameron Pozark       SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Joseph  Quatieri        SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Dennis  Scannell        SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Robert  Shields Jr.     SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Christopher Sparages  SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Richard Swierk           SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Charles Vozzella        SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Andrew  Ward            HEADMASTER'S LIST   Saugus
Brendan Costa           SECOND HONORS     Somerville
Maxwell Smith           SECOND HONORS     Somerville
Brian   Bialock           SECOND HONORS     Stoneham
Joseph  Cameron       FIRST HONORS          Stoneham
Michael Carbone        HEADMASTER'S LIST  Stoneham
Brian   Coles             SECOND HONORS      Stoneham
Stephen DiMauro       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Stoneham
Cameron Doyle         SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Raymond Dufour       SECOND HONORS        Stoneham
Alexander Galbraith   SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Kenneth Graczyk      SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Daniel  Lattarulo        SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Ronald  Mastrocola   FIRST HONORS             Stoneham
Thomas  Mello          FIRST HONORS             Stoneham
Joseph  Monteiro       FIRST HONORS            Stoneham
Mark    Mozzicato     HEADMASTER'S LIST    Stoneham
Owen    Noonan        SECOND HONORS        Stoneham
Connor  O'Neill          HEADMASTER'S LIST    Stoneham
Francesco Puopolo    SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Nicholas Rolli             FIRST HONORS           Stoneham
Kyle    Soares           SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Cole    Iovine             FIRST HONORS            Tewksbury
Michael Welton        SECOND HONORS        Tewksbury
Timothy Guinee       SECOND HONORS         Topsfield
Brian   Cameron      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Shamus  Coyne      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Matthew Curran      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Joseph  Delory        FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Ethan   Dupuis       SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Joshua  Germino    FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Nicholas Grande    FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Christian Hannabury HEADMASTER'S LIST  Wakefield
Connor  Henry        FIRST HONORS            Wakefield
Thomas  Ireland     FIRST HONORS            Wakefield
Robert  Mickolsz    SECOND HONORS       Wakefield
Ryan    Murphy       FIRST HONORS           Wakefield
James   Pasqua      SECOND HONORS      Wakefield
Matthew Sullivan     FIRST HONORS           Wakefield
Michael Valenza     SECOND HONORS       Wakefield
John    Aroush        SECOND HONORS        Waltham
John    Corbett        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Watertown
Joseph  Ascolese    HEADMASTER'S LIST   Wilmington
Christopher Babcock SECOND HONORS     Wilmington
Stephen Cardarelli   SECOND HONORS       Wilmington
John DiFava            HEADMASTER'S LIST    Wilmington
Alexander Frye        SECOND HONORS       Wilmington
Quinn   Reynolds      SECOND HONORS     Wilmington
Daniel  Marino          FIRST HONORS         Winchester
Ian     Steckel           FIRST HONORS        Winchester
Sean    Arria             FIRST HONORS        Winthrop
David   Fisher           FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Daniel  Garcia          FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
David   Giuffre          FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Nicholas Napoli       SECOND HONORS     Winthrop
Connor  Sullivan       FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Kyle    Chute           HEADMASTER'S LIST  Woburn
Max     Doherty       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Woburn
Thomas  Ferullo      SECOND HONORS       Woburn
Christopher Flemming   HEADMASTER'S LIST  Woburn
David   Lennon, Jr.    HEADMASTER'S LIST   Woburn
Dennis  Nicolas       FIRST HONORS            Woburn
Ryan    Tarby          SECOND HONORS       Woburn
Huan (Kevin)    Zhou  SECOND HONORS

Come Play the Animal Way at Stone Zoo

February 4, 2014 10:00 AM

The following was submitted by the Stone Zoo:

WHAT: Beat the humdrum winter routine and come out to Stone Zoo during February school vacation week. Watch North American river otters, Mexican gray wolves, snow leopards and others have fun, and learn about neat animal adaptations to the winter temperatures. Just like you, animals can get bored when they’re cooped up all winter, so we have come up with novel enrichment activities to keep them stimulated and happy! Come and see all the creative things we do for our animals, and learn how we keep them active and engaged throughout the winter using enrichment techniques. There will also be crafts and storytelling for guests to enjoy.
Activity Schedule:
11:00 a.m.: Snow leopard zookeeper encounter
This is an opportunity to learn more about these fascinating animals and ask a zookeeper questions. Meet at the exhibit.
11:30 a.m.: Animal Encounter in the Animal Discovery Center
Visit the Animal Discovery Center and meet one of its residents up close.*
1:30 p.m.: Animal Encounter in the Animal Discovery Center
Visit the Animal Discovery Center and meet one of its residents up close.*
2:00 p.m.: Mexican gray wolf zookeeper encounter
This is an opportunity to meet one of the zookeepers who cares for the Mexican gray wolves and ask questions. Meet at the exhibit.
* subject to change due to programming
WHEN:          February 17 – 21, 2014
TICKETS:    For pricing, visit
WHERE:       Stone Zoo
                    149 Pond Street
                    Stoneham, MA 02180

INFORMATION:     617-541-LION or visit

Braintree man accused of torching cars, vandalizing candy machine

January 30, 2014 11:42 AM

Braintree man arrested after crime spree
A Braintree man was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly breaking into four cars, torching two of them, and vandalizing a candy machine.

Police said they saw the suspect walking away from a car fire in the area of Pearl Street and Randall Avenue.

A witness to the fire later gave officers a description of the person he saw in the area of the crime, which matched the suspect.

Police said they additionally found evidence of the suspect at the scene of one of four cars that were broken into. The same suspect was also identified in the alleged vandalism of a candy machine at Shaw’s on Pearl Street the same evening.

“It appeared that he was attempting to break into the coin box,” police said in a release.

The officer investigating the vandalism applied for a warrant to arrest the suspect. The suspect was later arrested for the alleged car breaks.

While at the station, police said, the suspect threatened several officers.

Christian R. Moran, 41, of Braintree was charged with four counts of breaking and entering, four counts of threats to commit a crime, two counts of arson, and one count of resisting arrest.

Moran was held overnight pending his arraignment in Quincy District Court.

Police make four DUI arrests in six hours
Police said they arrested four people in unrelated drunk-driving incidents in Braintree from 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday through 1 a.m. Thursday morning.

Police found the first suspect shortly after 7:30 a.m. after a motorist reported that he was following a box truck on Common Street that was being operated erratically. The witness said the suspect almost hit a car head on and almost struck a telephone pole.

Officers located the vehicle on Granite Street and pulled the car over. Police said they found a small bag containing a white substance in the car, which later tested positive for cocaine.

James M. Horrigan, 37, of Stoneham was arrested and charged with operating under the influence (fourth offense) and possession of Class B substance.

Arrests continued shortly before 11 p.m., when officers saw a vehicle in the area of John Mahar Highway and Peal Street with no headlights on.

Officers attempted to pull the car over, but the driver continued until ultimately stopping on Plain Street.

Police spoke with the suspect and then placed him under arrest.

Matthew A. Darois, 32, from Weymouth was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop for a police officer, and failure to display headlights.

An hour later, officers responded to a condo complex at 800 West St. to investigate a report of a man standing outside a Mercedes screaming in the parking lot.

Officers arrived and attempted to approach the vehicle, but the operator drove at the officer. Police said the car eventually stopped.

Police believe the suspect was under the influence of a narcotic.

Dimitrios Chatziliadis, 36, of Braintree was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of drugs and assault with a dangerous weapon.

The final arrest occurred at 1:30 a.m., when police stopped another man suspected of intoxicated driving. Officers said they saw the car driving on Liberty Street with two flat tires.

Police pulled the car over and then placed the driver under arrest.

Kenneth J. Bibo, 54, of Braintree was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol.

Stoneham Bank employees honored for service

January 17, 2014 10:00 AM
JAN MTG 3 (1).jpg

From left, Residential Loan Originator Jamie Simpson (15 years); Secondary Loan Specialist & Closer Patricia M. Mathison (15 years); General Servicing Manager Julie A. Brickley (20 years); Human Resource Director Cathy A. Desmarais (20 years); with EVP Doherty.

The following was submitted by Stoneham Bank:

At StonehamBank’s January All Hands Meeting, several employees were honored for their continued service to the bank by Executive Vice President Edward F. Doherty. 
StonehamBank is a full-service community bank offering state of the art products and services to residents and businesses throughout eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. In addition to providing progressive products and convenience services, StonehamBank believes in making a difference in the community through its Community Involvement Program and Charitable Foundation. Member FDIC. Member SIF.  

Equal Housing Lender.For more information on StonehamBank, please visit or call directly at 1-888-402-2265.

HD Physical Therapy earns silver medal on national scale

January 10, 2014 10:00 AM
The following was submitted by HD Physical Therapy:

HD Physical Therapy is honored to announce that they received the silver medal in ADVANCE Magazine for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine’s 12th annual Practice of the Year contest! The award was recently broadcasted in the December 2013 issue.

“For being a single-location clinic only in practice for 18 months, winning second place in this prestigious, national competition is an immense honor,” said HDPT co-founder Glenn D’Addario, MSPT, DPT.

“My partner, Ed Harding, PTA, and I have similar values and share the same vision. We wanted to create an exceptional place where we could help as many people as possible,” D’Addario said. “We are very proud and excited to have accomplished that, and to be recognized for it in such a significant manner. This award is a true reflection of the diligence and dedication we have put into HDPT, and of our extraordinary team that we share this with.”

Now in its 12th year, the ADVANCE Practice of the Year Contest tallies anonymous entries from across the globe, and scores them on a range of success metrics. They look at customer service standards, practice growth, revenue growth, recruiting and staff development and professional standing. The contest is free to enter and is never connected with advertising contracts or other incentives. The judging panel is made up exclusively of physical therapy private practice owners and previous winners of the contest.

The physical therapy practices that were chosen as runners up in this year's installment of the contest are all focusing on expanding their offering of services, staying true to the guiding principles of the profession, using new media to promote themselves and the physical therapy profession, and above all, offering superior consumer service through evidence-based care.

Read the full article online:

Malden councilor eyes Clark's senate seat, but also recruiting others

December 16, 2013 02:14 PM

Malden City Councilor David D’Arcangelo might run for Sen. Katherine Clark’s former state Senate seat, though he said he is also recruiting others to try for the seat and evaluating other options.

“It’s such a short race and then you’ve got to run again,” D’Arcangelo told the News Service, referring to the April 1 special election, followed by another election in November.

He said, “Maybe there’s a November run rather than a run in April. We really need to try to make sure there’s a full marketplace of ideas, instead of just a steady diet of tax and spend.”

After long-time Republican Sen. Richard Tisei gave up the Senate seat to run for lieutenant governor in 2010, Malden City Councilor Craig Spadafora lost to Clark, of Melrose, in the 2010 race to replace Tisei in the Senate.

D'Archangleo said he's encouraged Spadafora to try again in the 5th Middlesex District. After winning a special Congressional election last Tuesday, Clark traded the state Senate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

D’Arcangelo also mentioned as potential GOP candidates Melrose Alderwoman Monica Medeiros and Melrose Republican David Lucas, who lost a bid for Clark’s former House seat in 2010.

“We want somebody who’s going to take it seriously who’s going to have the time to invest,” said D’Arcangelo, who said he is concerned what effect the back-to-back campaigns would have on his Archangel Communications business.

As a former aide to Tisei, who held the seat and the title of minority leader before Clark won it for the Democrats, D’Arcangelo said he would meet with the state party Tuesday to discuss his options. “Our system of government was not designed to work with just one party, and that’s what we have right now, unfortunately,” said D’Arcangelo.

– A. Metzger/SHNS

Special election set for April 1 to replace Katherine Clark

December 12, 2013 12:20 PM

Voters in Malden, Melrose, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield and parts of Winchester will head to the polls April 1 to choose a successor to former state Sen. Katherine Clark, who resigned this week following her election Tuesday to Congress.

The primary will be held March 4, according to the Associated Press.

The Globe reported earlier this fall that three of Clarks’ legislative colleagues, Paul Brodeur of Melrose; Christopher G. Fallon of Malden; and Jason Lewis of Winchester — said they are weighing runs for the Fifth Middlesex state Senate seat.

Lewis announced this week that he is in the race to fill Clark’s state Senate seat.

Elected to the House in 2008 and representing Stoneham and Winchester, Lewis issued a press release to announce he’s running. “I’ve learned that hard work, independent leadership, and a commitment to the concerns of local families can produce great results, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in the legislature these five years,” Lewis, a South Africa native, said in a statement. “We’ve had great success in Stoneham and Winchester and I’m looking forward to getting to know the families of Malden, Melrose, Reading, and Wakefield as we kick off this campaign for State Senate.”

Lewis is vice-chairman of the Joint Committee on Public Health and played a role in helping to create the state’s Prevention and Wellness Trust to fund community-based public health and wellness programs. Lewis and his wife Susan live in Winchester with their daughters, Sophie and Jessie. Clark on Tuesday won a special election and is scheduled to join the U.S. House on Thursday.

The special election to replace Clark in the Legislature is the latest in a long line of special elections held since last January. Additional specials are on the horizon as well, with Rep. Marty Walsh due to step down around the end of the year to be sworn in as the next mayor of Boston.

The House has not yet set a special election date to fill the seat formerly held by Donald Humason, who is now a senator after winning a special election to succeed former Sen. Michael Knapik.

Another special election is already underway in the district south of Boston formerly represented by Dan Winslow, who left the House for a private sector job. The winners of the upcoming special elections will represent their districts during an important stretch of the two-year session - formal sessions in 2014 are scheduled to run until the end of July - before likely ramping up their reelection machines for next November's regularly scheduled elections.

- M. Norton/SHNS

Town announces downtown parking improvements

December 7, 2013 10:00 AM
The following was submitted by the Stoneham Chamber of Commerce:

Town Administrator Dave Ragucci has announced improvements to the Stoneham downtown parking regulations, effective January 2, 2014. The updated regulations are the result of a collaborative effort of the Town and the Chamber of Commerce. 

“We are quite pleased with the revisions to these parking regulations”, notes Town Administrator Ragucci. “We were able to be responsive to the changing needs of our downtown business owners and their employees and customers, while streamlining the Town’s parking and permitting operations.”

The Town and the Chamber of Commerce held a Parking Forum with downtown business owners on August 14 to discuss regulations and to hear suggestions for improvements. Proposed changes were then later distributed to business owners for further input. 

Improvements to parking regulations are as follows. A section of the Franklin Street parking lot and Town Hall parking lots will be changed from a 2 to 4 hourparking limit. This will open up longer parking spans for downtown shoppers, business owners and employees, and reduce ticketing incidents. 

The color coding regulations for downtown parking lots will be eliminated, except for Recreation Park and the ice skating arena parking lots. 

Additional 2-hour parking slots will become available along Main Street by moving the bus stops from their current locations in the square. The new stops will be moved less than 100 yards further down Main Street. 
Parking spaces will be maximized along Main Street through the use of short car-length pavement markings. Pavement markings along Main Street from Montvale to Maple will be completedin the spring when the weather is more conducive to painting.

Stoneham will see aesthetic improvements with routinestreet sweeping along Main Street from Lindenwood Street to Marble Street. On Tuesdays, beginning in the spring of 2014, cars may not park on the east side of Main Street from 5:00am until 6:00am, and on the west side of Main Street from 6:00am until 7:00am. Signs will be posted.

Downtown winter parking conditions will be systemicallyimproved with new winter parking regulations and signage, effective December 1 through April 1. No parking will be permitted on public streets from 1:00am until 6:00am. Upon the accumulation of 3 inches of snow or more, a parking emergency will be in effect and on-street parking will not be allowed until 2 hours after the snow stops falling. Drivers will be able to park cars in the public parking lots during this time.

The public is invited to view the complete revised parking regulations on the Town’s website at

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