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Former Watertown councilor sentenced to 7 years in prison for marijuana enterprise

February 28, 2014 05:28 PM

Former Watertown councilor Thomas "Gus" Bailey,was sentenced Thursday to 7 years in prison and three years of supervised release after he pleaded guilty in November to trafficking marijuana out of his Waltham warehouse and laundering income from the drug sales.

Bailey, 52, who served as a councilor in Watertown from January 2002 through December 2005, was arrested in October 2011 after police found 1,062 pot plants and 300 pounds of loose cut marijuana, worth around $2 million, along with $20,000 in cash at his 269 Lexington St. warehouse, authorities said.

An investigation found that Bailey led the marijuana growing and distribution business from 2001 through when he was caught in 2011, which means he was running the illegal drug operation the entire four years he served on Watertown’s Town Council, according to a statement from US Attorney Carmen Ortiz's office.

Bailey's drug business became so lucrative that he repeatedly had to move to roomier locations and hire more workers to help grow and prepare the marijuana, the statement said.

In 2006, Bailey and the case's other co-defendants -- including his ex-wife, as well as his former mistress -- began laundering more than $1 million in revenue from the drug sales by depositing $5,000 or less in cash into their personal bank accounts and then writing Bailey checks, the US Attorney's office said.

Barbara Waldman, Bailey's ex-wife, was responsible for laundering at least $900,000 as part of this scheme, prosecutors said. She was sentenced Thursday to six months in jail after she pleaded guilty in November to conspiracy to commit money laundering, the statement said.

All of Bailey and Waldman’s co-defendants have also been convicted and sentenced.

Bailey pleaded guilty on Nov. 18 last year -- the same day his trial was set to begin -- to one count of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana, one count of distribution of marijuana, and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, according to the US Attorney's office.

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Lawyers raise questions on Watertown home searches during Marathon manhunt

February 26, 2014 03:17 PM

A group of lawyers who say they think some of the actions by authorities during the Boston and Watertown-area shutdown days after the Marathon bombings were unconstitutional will hold a second open meeting in Watertown for any residents who want to talk about the events.

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe
SWAT teams in Watertown on April 19.
Attorneys from the Massachusetts chapter of the National Lawyers Guild will host a forum Wednesday, March 5 about the home searches that took place in Watertown on April 19. The event will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the First Parish Church at 35 Church St.

The meeting is the last in a series that the guild has hosted around Boston, including one in Watertown last fall.

Top lawyers in the guild said that there was an unprecedented show of force in Watertown, Cambridge, and other area communities, and that many houses in Watertown were searched without a warrant.

"With no suspicion of wrongdoing by any of the residents, and with no warrants, the government searched the private homes of many Watertown residents and ordered many innocent people from their homes," said Urszula Masny-Latos, executive director of the lawyers' guild, in a statement.

"The guild's position is that what happened in April was problematic, but at the same time we just wanted to hear stories from people who experienced that," Masny-Latos told the Globe last fall. "Many people said they had been troubled by what happened and they didn't know how to approach it, and felt uncomfortable having a conversation about it because they didn't know how others would react."

Benjamin Falkner, a member of the guild's litigation committee, said police usually need individualized suspicion before searching a house or arresting someone.

"The widespread searches of many Watertown homes without any individualized suspicion have no constitutional precedent," Falkner said in a statement. "Without such precedent, the question is whether the searches were lawful under our constitutions. We believe that the answer to that question is, No."

Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday.

Masny-Latos said that as time passes, she receives more and more outreach from residents concerned with how the manhunt for alleged Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was handled.

"People are starting to talk and I think that we all need that, to be able to talk about what happened, analyze it, and come up with some opinions," she said. "Right now there is a little more concern that people are raising. We did not see this concern a few months ago."

She said about 30 people attended the fall meeting in Watertown, and that many voiced concerns.

"They were talking about problems they had with how the government handled the situation," she said. "I was a little surprised because I thought most people would be supportive of what the government did, and they were not."

Masny-Latos said it is too soon to tell if she thinks the issue would warrant legal action.

"We want to wait until this last event and then we will analyze what we’ve heard and see if there’s anything for us to be involved in," she said.

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Watertown councilors approve measure that would allow a 7-story hotel near Arsenal Mall

February 24, 2014 02:30 PM

Watertown Town Councilors passed a new ordinance amendment this month that would make it easier for developers to build a seven-story hotel across from the Arsenal Mall.

Councilors passed the zoning amendment Feb. 11 to allow hotels to build to a height of 79 feet or seven stories in the "Industrial 1" zoning district, an area mostly dominated by the Arsenal Mall and the Watertown Mall shopping plaza, said Watertown planning director Steve Magoon.

Previously, hotels could have been built up to 50 feet or five stories, Magoon said.

"We are hoping this will result in a hotel being developed in town, which has been long identified by members of the community as a need," he said.

The new measure comes after Athenahealth Inc. and Boston developer Boylston Properties bought the Arsenal Mall and two nearby properties last summer. Boylston Properties has been pushing for a seven-story hotel on the former Charles River Saab site for months.

The developer still has yet to submit to the town a formal application for building a hotel, but Magoon said they hope to have it in by this spring.

"They have to submit some plans and go through the site plan and special permit process, and then it goes for a public hearing before the Planning Board and the Zoning Board," he said. "They will certainly have community meetings in there as well."

Magoon said the development would likely be a mid-range quality hotel.

"It wouldn’t be a budget hotel, but it wouldn’t be a full-service hotel either," he said. "It would be something with limited services but very nicely done."

The variance amendment also comes as Watertown planners are reviewing a proposed development for Arsenal Street that would add 300 residential units and 37,100 square feet of retail and restaurant space to the area.

Developers from the Hanover Co. submitted a plan late last year to raze a vacant industrial building and other offices at 202-204 Arsenal St. and 58 Irving St. to make way for the mixed-use complex, said Watertown planning director Steve Magoon.

The commercial space would likely house shops, at least one restaurant, and possibly a grocery store, Magoon said. The site plan is being reviewed by town planners, and a formal proposal will be presented to the Planning Board this spring, he said.

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Legoland seeks child ambassadors for Discovery Center

February 20, 2014 12:52 PM


Think your child has what it takes to become one of Boston’s inaugural Lego ambassadors?

From now until March 14, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston will be accepting applications from children ages 5 to 12 to participate on a team to help LEGOLAND become the best attraction of its kind.

Kelly Smith, Marketing Manager at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston, said this is another step that will bring the discovery center closer to its opening in May. The group selected Ian Coffey as the new master model builder on January 26, and now Coffey will select his panel of child advisors to give feedback on the new center.

“We had our Brick Factor competition to find the master model builder, but every one needs a great team of support,” Smith said. “So we’ve developed the junior competition, which will allow 12 kids to be part of a team to help Ian with events and activities leading up to grand opening, as well as after the fact.”

Ian Coffey, the master model builder for Boston’s LEGOLAND Discovery Center, said he is excited to select the team of children that will comprise the junior construction panel and that he will be looking for a variety of qualities in the applications.

“It’s my first real responsibility, which I’m really excited for,” Coffey said. “The things I’m looking for is how creative the children can be, how enthusiastic they are, and how their imagination comes about . . . [I’m looking for] who really had all those things coming together when they built with the Lego bricks.”

As part of the application, children must include a video or photo and written response explaining what makes them the biggest Lego fan and why they should be part of the panel. They should also show something they built with Lego bricks. Coffey said he is excited to see the responses and what the kids come up with by themselves.

“In an essay, I want to see the kid. I love the raw child, even a handwritten note,” Coffey said. “When you’re reading it and you can really see that they’re engaged in what they’re writing, that’s the kind of stuff that’s going to stick out to me.”

Smith said that while a major part of being ambassador is testing the rides and being excited about the attraction, another part is providing feedback to the center. She said LEGOLAND is an attraction for children, and as such their opinions help make the center the best it can be. She said that in the process, it also provides children a great opportunity to interact with adults and grow through working in a team atmosphere.

“It’s a team of 12, so they will need to work together and develop skills of teamwork. But also, interpersonal skills, speaking skills and confidence will be gained throughout the year . . . It’s a pretty strong role for a child,” Smith said. “[We’re looking for] children who feel comfortable working with a variety of different people.”

Smith said it will be interesting to see the number of children who apply. She said it’s great to be able to offer those selected the chance to experience the discovery center before it officially opens in May.

“The Discovery Center is a really exciting attraction coming to the Boston area,” Smith said. “It’s kind of a unique opportunity for a child to be able to experience something so new and great and incorporate it with a toy that’s so educational and constructive. It’s such a great toy that so many children love.”

Coffey hopes that parents will encourage and help their Lego-loving children to apply. He said that for him, it was all about taking steps towards what he loves, and he hopes a lot of children will do the same.

“I want kids to come out of this after day one saying this is my dream, I can reach it. I can do this,” Coffey said. “The creativity, design, imagination, you can build those and shape them, but I really want children to understand that if they want to become something—even become a junior panelist—to just keep going for it.”

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston will be accepting applications for its junior construction panel from now until March 14. The 12 winners will be announced on their Facebook page on March 17. For contest rules and to apply, visit the LEGOLAND’s website.

Watertown spelling bee raises $10k for local teaching fund

February 12, 2014 03:06 PM

A Watertown spelling bee held late last month raised $10,000 for a teaching grant that benefits local public schools, according to organization officials.

Watertown Education Foundation
The spelling bee's fifth-grade winners.
The money will benefit the Watertown Education Foundation's Teacher Grant Fund, which provides funding for classroom and school-wide initiatives in Watertown's public schools, according to the organization.

The spelling bee, held Jan. 26, saw more than 220 students from Hosmer, Lowell and Cunniff elementary schools competing in the event.

The winning team's fifth grade members -- Harriet Neeley, Maud Neeley, and Ennya Papastoitsis -- each won $50 donated by Belmont Savings Bank, along with a trophy.

The foundation, which has already given $27,500 to Watertown educators this academic year, will also hold fundraising events this spring. There will be a "Dancing with the Stars" competition on March 14, and a town-wide "Trivia Night" at a to-be-determined date in the late spring, organization representatives said.

For more information, visit the foundation's official website.

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State officials to honor artists, coordinators of Watertown mural

February 10, 2014 01:51 PM


Pat Greenhouse for The Boston Globe

Lead artist Gregg Bernstein, left, worked with teens, including Liana Aleksanyan, 15, on a mural titled "A Bicycle Ride Through Watertown."

State officials this week will recognize Watertown high schoolers and volunteers who coordinated the painting of a 230-foot-long mural of local landmarks on the cement wall that snakes along the Linear Park bike path in Watertown.

The project, titled "A Bicycle Ride Through Watertown," was one of four selected by a Massachusetts Cultural Council panel to receive a Gold Star Award, an honor doled out by the agency for "exemplary" local cultural programs throughout the state, officials said.

The Watertown volunteers will be honored at the State House Feb. 11, and will receive a certificate for the accomplishment, according to an agency spokesman. State Sen. Will Brownsberger and state Rep. Jonathan Hecht are scheduled to present the award to the council volunteers just after 2 p.m.

The Watertown mural, which aims to capture the essence of the community, was created by nine local students who devoted their summer weekdays to painting the project, which aims to discourage graffiti and introduce public art into the local community.

The mural took shape after three years of planning and fund-raising by the town’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Committee.

“We’re trying to capture the spirit of Watertown,” Janet Jameson, a committee member who is among the project’s active supporters, previously told the Globe.

Various town departments and local businesses also donated time, money, and resources toward the mural's completion.

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Local students earn honors at Malden Catholic High School

February 8, 2014 10:00 AM
The following was submitted by Malden Catholic High School:

Malden Catholic High School, one of New England’s leading college preparatory high schools for young men, has announced that the following local students received honors for distinguished academic performance during the second quarter of the 2013-2014 school year:

Second Honors - all grades 80 percent and above.
First Honors - all grades 85 percent and above.
Headmaster’s List - all grades 90 percent and above.

Wenhao (Ben)    An      FIRST HONORS        Allston
Hengshen (Kim)  Li       SECOND HONORS   Allston
Tianshu (Sean)  Xiao     SECOND HONORS   Allston
Qin (Bill)      Xu             FIRST HONORS        Allston
Michael Cahill               SECOND HONORS   Amesbury
Michael Addorisio         SECOND HONORS   Arlington
Timothy Matthews         FIRST HONORS       Arlington
Anthony Palazzo           FIRST HONORS      Bedford
Joshua  Soldan             FIRST HONORS      Bedford
Reilly  Peters                FIRST HONORS      Beverly
John (Jack)     Adams   SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Samuel  Palmisano       FIRST HONORS       Boxford
Nicholas        Puleio     SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Cameron Walter           SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Cameron Arrigo            HEADMASTER'S LIST Burlington
Corey   Forester           SECOND HONORS     Burlington
Kyle    Forester            SECOND HONORS     Burlington
Riley   Gilberg             SECOND HONORS      Burlington
Thomas  Sullivan         FIRST HONORS           Burlington
Han     Yan                 SECOND HONORS      Burlington
Jeffrey Wang               HEADMASTER'S LIST   Charlestown
Ryan    Corliss            FIRST HONORS           Chelsea
Sanjey  Singh             SECOND HONORS      Chelsea
James   Irving, Jr.        SECOND HONORS      Danvers
Kristopher Mullaney    SECOND HONORS      Danvers
Zachary Sasso           FIRST HONORS          Danvers
Matthew Bruno           SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
Michaelangelo Gerardi SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
Ryan    Sherman         SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
James   Augustin        FIRST HONORS          Everett
Luisadrian Bernal        SECOND HONORS     Everett
Hardy   Jean               FIRST HONORS         Everett
Brendan LaVallee        FIRST HONORS         Everett
Peter   Le                    SECOND HONORS   Everett
Gerardo Lopez-Picardi  FIRST HONORS        Everett
Brenden McCarthy       HEADMASTER'S LIST Everett
John    McCormack      SECOND HONORS   Everett
Louis   Sierra               SECOND HONORS   Everett
David   Strott               SECOND HONORS   Everett
Kellen  Field                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Gloucester
Jacob   Horrigan          FIRST HONORS         Gloucester
John    Camozzi          SECOND HONORS    Groveland
Hualiang (Tony) Li       SECOND HONORS     Hartford
Yixiao (Eric)   Liang     HEADMASTER'S LIST Hartford
Yihan   Zhao               HEADMASTER'S LIST  Hartford
Cameron Betz             SECOND HONORS      Lynn
Samuel  Cappuccio     HEADMASTER'S LIST   Lynn
Matthew Derby           SECOND HONORS        Lynn
Colin   Harvey            HEADMASTER'S LIST     Lynn
Matthew Filipe            FIRST HONORS            Lynnfield
Devin   Kelly               SECOND HONORS       Lynnfield
James   Mortellite       SECOND HONORS       Lynnfield
Patrick Passatempo    SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Joseph  Spinosa         SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Joseph  Veglia           SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Andrew  Andrade        FIRST HONORS          Malden
Andrew  Barros          SECOND HONORS      Malden
Colin   Blake             SECOND HONORS      Malden
Daniel  Coelho           FIRST HONORS          Malden
Garphey Crevecoeur     FIRST HONORS        Malden
Jharem  Crevecoeur      FIRST HONORS        Malden
Carlos  Dominguez       SECOND HONORS   Malden
Christopher Fitzgerald    FIRST HONORS      Malden
Riley   Hennessey        SECOND HONORS   Malden
Christopher Hopkins     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Run Chen Huang         SECOND HONORS   Malden
Rohit   Jaisinghani       FIRST HONORS       Malden
Karlens Joas               FIRST HONORS       Malden
Cameron Koizumi       SECOND HONORS   Malden
Matthew McCarthy      SECOND HONORS   Malden
Peter   Melendez        HEADMASTER'S LIST Malden
Brendan Murphy         SECOND HONORS   Malden
Shane   Norton           FIRST HONORS        Malden
Brian   O'Callaghan     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Kevin   O'Callaghan     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Joshua  Ouellette        SECOND HONORS   Malden
Mark    Panzini           FIRST HONORS        Malden
Umang   Patel            FIRST HONORS        Malden
Tyler   Ransom          SECOND HONORS    Malden
Logan   Sprague        SECOND HONORS    Malden
Michael Ssentongo     HEADMASTER'S LIST Malden
Jack    Stockless       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Malden
Russell Sully             SECOND HONORS      Malden
Adam    Surette         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Malden
Alexei  Teague          FIRST HONORS           Malden
John (Jack) Albanese HEADMASTER'S LIST  Medford
Javier  Barria             SECOND HONORS      Medford
Brendan Bunker        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Christopher Cafferty   SECOND HONORS      Medford
Krzysztof Cefalo       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Frederick DeNisco    FIRST HONORS           Medford
Alejandro DePeña     FIRST HONORS           Medford
Anthony DeSouza     FIRST HONORS           Medford
Nicholas DeSouza    SECOND HONORS       Medford
James   Donlan        HEADMASTER'S LIST    Medford
Thomas  Donlan       FIRST HONORS            Medford
Michael Endicott      SECOND HONORS       Medford
Matthew Hirl            HEADMASTER'S LIST    Medford
Andrew  Kelly          FIRST HONORS             Medford
Cameron Kelly         SECOND HONORS       Medford
Logan Lanciloti-Stark SECOND HONORS      Medford
James McQuaid        HEADMASTER'S LIST  Medford
Joseph  Morrissey     SECOND HONORS      Medford
Andrew  Murphy        FIRST HONORS           Medford
Brendan O'Donnell      SECOND HONORS     Medford
Steven  Passatempo   FIRST HONORS         Medford
Victor  Ramos            FIRST HONORS         Medford
William Riley Jr          HEADMASTER'S LIST Medford
Liam  Shaughnessy    SECOND HONORS    Medford
Jared   Silva              FIRST HONORS          Medford
Peter   Skerry           SECOND HONORS      Medford
Wei (Kevin) Su          FIRST HONORS          Medford
Edward  Tan            HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Joseph  Toomey      FIRST HONORS            Medford
Michael Upton         SECOND HONORS       Medford
Gregory Viola          SECOND HONORS       Medford
Dylan   Bagley        FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Jack    Barresi        SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Jared   Bernis         FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Timothy Brown        FIRST HONORS             Melrose
William Carreiro       SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Jack    D'Errico        FIRST HONORS            Melrose
Luke    D'Errico        FIRST HONORS            Melrose
Ian     Dolaher         SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Steven  Doucette      HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Patrick Driscoll         SECOND HONORS      Melrose
Robert (Trey) Durant III  HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Anthony Gill              SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Austin  Goldstein       SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Corey   Goldstein       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
John    Graf                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Harrison Hahn           SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Robert  Hannula         FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Benjamin Hanover      FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Jonathon  Havey        SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Troy    Healy             FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Brandon Heng           FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Stephen Holmberg      SECOND HONORS    Melrose
Candan  Iuliano         SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Lucas   Janzen         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Kyle    Jones             SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Lucas   Kaestner        SECOND HONORS    Melrose
John    Kezerian         FIRST HONORS         Melrose
SungHyun (Sean) Kim  HEADMASTER'S LIST Melrose
Adam    Lew               FIRST HONORS         Melrose
Brian   Liwo                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Michael Loycano        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Liam    Lynch-Galvin    FIRST HONORS           Melrose
Michael McElligott      SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Christopher McKenna  FIRST HONORS           Melrose
Luke    McKenna       SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Max     Meier             HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Michael Moschella      SECOND HONORS      Melrose
John  O'Brien             SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Matthew Oteri           FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Derek   Packard       HEADMASTER'S LIST     Melrose
Michael Ronayne     HEADMASTER'S LIST     Melrose
Benjamin Scarpa    SECOND HONORS          Melrose
Christopher Schwarze HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Michael Shea         SECOND HONORS          Melrose
Joseph  Tansino     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Joseph  Valente     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Kevin   Walsh        FIRST HONORS                Melrose
Tyler   Webb         FIRST HONORS                Melrose
Jacob   Witkowski SECOND HONORS           Melrose
Cameron Zahner    HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Zachary Zahner     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Joseph  Crowley   HEADMASTER'S LIST       Middleton
John    McLean    SECOND HONORS          N. Andover
Ryan    Connor     FIRST HONORS              N. Reading
Ryan    Cristiano   FIRST HONORS             N. Reading
Joseph  Marini Jr.   HEADMASTER'S LIST   Nahant
Matthew Borges     FIRST HONORS            Peabody
Gianmarco Cappuccio  SECOND HONORS  Peabody
Michael Cashman  SECOND HONORS        Peabody
Frank   Celona       SECOND HONORS       Peabody
Alex    Gomes        FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Giuseppe Limoli      FIRST HONORS          Peabody
Alex  Massa          FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Rocco   Prestia     SECOND HONORS       Peabody
Kolbi   Shairs        FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Stephen Mayes     SECOND HONORS      Reading
Paul    McCarthy    SECOND HONORS     Reading
Kyle    Skinner      HEADMASTER'S LIST  Reading
Peter   Squeglia III  SECOND HONORS     Reading
Peter   Ventola       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Reading
James   Zaccardo    SECOND HONORS    Reading
Alexander Aguilar     FIRST HONORS        Revere
Phillip Antonucci IV    FIRST HONORS      Revere
Brendan Dao            SECOND HONORS   Revere
Christopher Dixon     SECOND HONORS   Revere
Joseph  Leone          SECOND HONORS   Revere
Nicholas Leone        HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Daniel  Marks          FIRST HONORS        Revere
Byung Kwon Moon   SECOND HONORS   Revere
Zachary Moore         HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Hugo    Palacios       SECOND HONORS   Revere
Juao-guilherme  Rosa HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Hans    Rosin           SECOND HONORS     Revere
Corey   Sanville        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Salem
Christopher Alihosseini  SECOND HONORS  Saugus
Benjamin Amico        SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Daniel  Barletta         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Saugus
Paul    Cook              SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Nico    DeFlorio         SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Nolen   Dube             SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Rachid  Elkhaouli       SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Antonio Fiorentino      FIRST HONORS          Saugus
Eric    Kalton             FIRST HONORS          Saugus
Christopher Kimmerle  FIRST HONORS         Saugus
Steven  Lima             SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Matteo  Mannara       SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Mark    Panetta         FIRST HONORS           Saugus
Nicholas Papageorge  SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Matthew Pelletier       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Saugus
Cameron Pozark       SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Joseph  Quatieri        SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Dennis  Scannell        SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Robert  Shields Jr.     SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Christopher Sparages  SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Richard Swierk           SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Charles Vozzella        SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Andrew  Ward            HEADMASTER'S LIST   Saugus
Brendan Costa           SECOND HONORS     Somerville
Maxwell Smith           SECOND HONORS     Somerville
Brian   Bialock           SECOND HONORS     Stoneham
Joseph  Cameron       FIRST HONORS          Stoneham
Michael Carbone        HEADMASTER'S LIST  Stoneham
Brian   Coles             SECOND HONORS      Stoneham
Stephen DiMauro       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Stoneham
Cameron Doyle         SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Raymond Dufour       SECOND HONORS        Stoneham
Alexander Galbraith   SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Kenneth Graczyk      SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Daniel  Lattarulo        SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Ronald  Mastrocola   FIRST HONORS             Stoneham
Thomas  Mello          FIRST HONORS             Stoneham
Joseph  Monteiro       FIRST HONORS            Stoneham
Mark    Mozzicato     HEADMASTER'S LIST    Stoneham
Owen    Noonan        SECOND HONORS        Stoneham
Connor  O'Neill          HEADMASTER'S LIST    Stoneham
Francesco Puopolo    SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Nicholas Rolli             FIRST HONORS           Stoneham
Kyle    Soares           SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Cole    Iovine             FIRST HONORS            Tewksbury
Michael Welton        SECOND HONORS        Tewksbury
Timothy Guinee       SECOND HONORS         Topsfield
Brian   Cameron      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Shamus  Coyne      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Matthew Curran      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Joseph  Delory        FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Ethan   Dupuis       SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Joshua  Germino    FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Nicholas Grande    FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Christian Hannabury HEADMASTER'S LIST  Wakefield
Connor  Henry        FIRST HONORS            Wakefield
Thomas  Ireland     FIRST HONORS            Wakefield
Robert  Mickolsz    SECOND HONORS       Wakefield
Ryan    Murphy       FIRST HONORS           Wakefield
James   Pasqua      SECOND HONORS      Wakefield
Matthew Sullivan     FIRST HONORS           Wakefield
Michael Valenza     SECOND HONORS       Wakefield
John    Aroush        SECOND HONORS        Waltham
John    Corbett        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Watertown
Joseph  Ascolese    HEADMASTER'S LIST   Wilmington
Christopher Babcock SECOND HONORS     Wilmington
Stephen Cardarelli   SECOND HONORS       Wilmington
John DiFava            HEADMASTER'S LIST    Wilmington
Alexander Frye        SECOND HONORS       Wilmington
Quinn   Reynolds      SECOND HONORS     Wilmington
Daniel  Marino          FIRST HONORS         Winchester
Ian     Steckel           FIRST HONORS        Winchester
Sean    Arria             FIRST HONORS        Winthrop
David   Fisher           FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Daniel  Garcia          FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
David   Giuffre          FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Nicholas Napoli       SECOND HONORS     Winthrop
Connor  Sullivan       FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Kyle    Chute           HEADMASTER'S LIST  Woburn
Max     Doherty       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Woburn
Thomas  Ferullo      SECOND HONORS       Woburn
Christopher Flemming   HEADMASTER'S LIST  Woburn
David   Lennon, Jr.    HEADMASTER'S LIST   Woburn
Dennis  Nicolas       FIRST HONORS            Woburn
Ryan    Tarby          SECOND HONORS       Woburn
Huan (Kevin)    Zhou  SECOND HONORS

MBTA to bring countdown clock system to bus stations

February 6, 2014 11:19 AM



The MBTA plans to soon install countdown clocks at a number of bus stations throughout its system to notify riders when the next bus on each route will leave that station, the agency announced today.

The bus way at Forest Hills Station in Jamaica Plain will be the first bus location to get the electronic message boards, according to T spokeswoman Kelly Smith.

Signs are also planned in bus ways at Dudley Square and Ruggles stations, she said. Eight other stations have been "tentatively" chosen to receive the signs: Harvard Square; Haymarket, Ashmont; Kenmore; Maverick, Wonderland, Jackson Square, and Central Square.

The signs should be operational by summer, Smith said.

The signs, using real-time bus tracking data, will provide information about when each route serving that station is next expected to depart. The signs will feature both visual and audio messages.

The project is funded through federal stimulus money, and each sign costs about $50,000, a price tag that includes the display, hardware, software, installation, maintenance and a push-button activated sound system so that people with visual impairments can access the information on the sign, she said.

Most stations will have one sign each. Dudley, because of its size, will have two, she said.

"I've often said our buses are the work horses of our system, serving more than 375,000 people on a typical weekday," T general manager Beverly Scott said in a statement. "The countdown signs at our busiest bus stops will provide customers with information that will make their public transit experience easier and more convenient."

Last week, the T completed an 18-month-long project to activate a total of 314 countdown clocks at all 53 subway stations on the Red, Orange and Blue lines, which officials said made the T one of the first transit agencies in the country to equip all heavy rail stations with train-arrival information.

Officials said the signs have been popular and well-received by riders, and since they were introduced in the summer of 2012 the agency said it has made regular improvements based on rider feedback, including making the signs more accurate and easier to see.

The T said it expects to introduce the countdown clock system to the Green Line by the end of this year. The light rail line is undergoing work to upgrade its less-sophisticated train tracking system with GPS and sensor technology to allow for countdown clock capability.

The agency has also said technology upgrades on the Green Line will allow smartphone-carrying riders to be able to track in real-time the whereabouts and expected arrival of the line's trains by 2015.

Trains on the Red, Orange and Blue have been tracked by mobile applications since the fall of 2010, when the agency made real-time train location data on those lines available to private software developers, who have created numerous smartphone applications. The T made real-time data on bus locations available to software developers in fall of 2009.

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Watertown officials to discuss off-leash dog park Feb. 4

January 30, 2014 01:54 PM

Watertown may be going to the dogs -- but not in a bad way.

Watertown locals who want an off-leash dog park are encouraging residents to attend a Town Council public works subcommittee meeting on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.

The meeting will be held at Watertown Town Hall on the second floor.

Kayana Szymczak
Jack Keating and Margie, Rotary Park, Wilmington
Deb Whitman, a Watertown resident who is helping spearhead the dog park initiative, said Town Council members decided last spring to begin searching for a designated spot in town to set up a park for local canines.

Since the plans are still in the beginning stages, Whitman said she is unsure how much it would cost to set up, or whether funds would come from the town or would be raised privately.

"I think the first step is to see where they're going to allocate the space," Whitman said. "The second step would be to compute the cost to complete the fencing."

Whitman said she hoped to have the dog park completed by this spring, but noted that it might take until next year to get the logistics sorted out.

"We are just so thrilled that there has been such strong support so far that it would get to the subcommittee level," she said.

Whitman, who actually does not own a four-legged friend herself, said she became involved after several of her friends grew weary of bringing Fido and Spot to nearby communities for a good romp in the park.

"There's not place in Watertown where dogs can be off-leash, so dog owners go to adjacent towns like Newton, Arlington, and Brookline," she said. "There's even one in downtown Boston, in the South End. If they can find a space there, surely we can find space here in Watertown."

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page or visit Watertown's official website.

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US Sen. Markey to bring Watertown Police Chief Deveau to State of the Union

January 28, 2014 02:57 PM

US Sen. Ed Markey, (D-Mass.) will bring Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau as his guest to President Obama's State of the Union address tonight, according to Markey's office and police representatives.

Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau
Legislators are allowed to bring a guest to the speech, and many opt to bring someone that represent issues important to them or their party.

The speech will take place tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Deveau represents the police department involved in the shootout with alleged Boston Marathon bombing suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in April.

“Chief Deveau and all of the brave officers of the Watertown Police Department, as well as all the other courageous responders to the bombings, are heroes who embody the strength and resilience that united the people of Boston and Massachusetts after the bombs went off on Boylston Street,” Markey said in a statement.

“Chief Deveau and his men courageously defended the streets of Watertown after the attacks and in doing so defended our nation. I am so proud to have Chief Deveau here with me to honor him and the bravery of his officers and all of those heroes who selflessly defended and protected us during and after the attacks."

Deveau grew up in Watertown, attended Watertown Public Schools and graduated from Watertown High School in 1974. He joined the Watertown Police Department in 1983 and has served as chief since 2001.

“It is an honor for me to represent the men and women of the Watertown Police Department as well as the entire Watertown community in Washington this evening,” Deveau said in the statement. “I am so proud of the accomplishments of my department, as well as how our community responded during the events of 2013.”

Deveau is not the only State of the Union guest with ties to the Boston tragedy: two of the men forever linked by last year’s bombings will be guests of Michelle Obama, the Globe reported this week.

Jeff Bauman — the 27-year-old who lost both legs in the attack — and Carlos Arredondo — the 53-year-old wearing a cowboy hat who wheeled him to safety — will be there for the speech.

The scene of the two in the immediate aftermath of the bombings became one of the iconic images, capturing both the chaos and courage of the day.

From his hospital bed, Bauman later played a crucial role in describing the Tsarnaev brothers and helping investigators try to identify the bombing suspects. Arrendondo, who made a tourniquet from a sweater sleeve that saved Bauman’s life, is now what some of his friends call Boston’s “comforter in chief.”

Their presence in the House chamber may be one indication that Obama will bring up the Boston bombings during his address. Those who are invited typically reinforce a point that the president makes during the speech.

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