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Boston College High’s second quarter honor roll

March 13, 2014 10:00 AM
For High Honors a Soph., Jr., Sr. must have at least a 3.80 quality point average and all grades '"C+" or higher. Freshmen need a 3.6 quality point average and all grades '"C+" or higher.

For Honors a Soph., Jr., Sr. must have at least a 3.20 quality point average and all grades '"C-" or higher. Freshmen need a 3.165 quality point average and all grades '"C-" or higher.
Andover: Honors: William R. Flanagan '17

Burlington: High Honors: Edward C. Wetzel ‘16
Chelsea: High Honors: Delano R. Franklin '17
Honors:Malcolm Avian Norman '17

Everett: High Honors:  Samuel Vasquez ’14 and Matthew F. Donohue ‘16
Honors: Igor Campos Carvalho’14, Anthony J. Mastrocola '15 and Alexander R. Mastrocola '17
Lynnfield: High Honors: Eric Simonelli ‘15
Malden: High Honors: Danny Nguyen '16
Honors: Ismail Chineye Asongwed '14, Delsin David '14 and Kolby Lavrik Vegara '15
Medford: High Honors:  David C. Gentile '14, Keshler S.G. Charles '15, John M. O'Brien '15, George F. Bailey '17
Honors: John F. Glynn '15, Connor Loughlin O'Neill '15, Avery M. Leon 2016, Timothy P. Fistori '17 and  Robert J. Nicotera 2017

Melrose: High Honors: James F. O'Donnell '14, Daniel Casey '16, Anthony A. Ioffredo '16, Edward J. Kelley '16, Jacob A. May '16, Matthew W. O'Donnell '16, Noah A. Peterson '16, Gerard P. Frasca '17

Honors: Zakariya Asiane 2014, Samir Aslane 2015, Robert A. Brodeur 2016 and Ryan J. Painchaud 2017
Merrimac: High Honors: Liam Maxwell Rich’14          
Nahant: High Honors: Matthew C. Ryan ‘14 and Ryan P. Connolly '17
North Andover:  Honors:  Emaad Syed Ali '15 and John Roy O’Connor '15

Peabody: Honors: Ramiz Majdi Haddad 2016 and Brendan R. Powers 2016

Revere: High Honors: Kenny Builes '14, Michael J. Kelley '14, Matthew S. O’Keefe '14 and Gabriel Drumond Depinho '16
Honors: Walter A. Carrera '14, Gabriel Winston Kisakye Bbosa 2017, and Ronel J. Poindujour '17
Salem: High Honors: William M. Kraemer ‘15
Saugus: Honors: Christopher J. Kelble '14
Somerville: High Honors: Christien P. Mendoza Exconde '15 and Alex E. Santos '15
Honors:  John P. Lynch 2015 and  Aman Gabriel 2017
Stoneham: High Honors:  David A. Vaccaro’14, Christopher D. Colbert '17 and Thomas R. Whittaker '17
Honors:  Nicholas Savino '15
Swampscott: High Honors: Michael Wade Norcott '14
Honors: Peter R. Amato 2016

West Newbury: Honors: William Callahan Duggan '16
Winchester: High Honors: Thomas X. Pinella '14 and John D. O'Donnell '16
Honors:  Alexander J. Farone '15

Winthrop: High Honors: Thomas J. Nee '14, Colin P. Raiter '17, Marc J. Zampanti '17and Michael J. Zampanti '17
Honors: Christian G. Navarro '15,Brendan C. Smith '15, Nicholas R. Triant '15, Cameron A. DeAngelo '16

Woburn: High Honors:  Robert J. Ferullo ‘15

Boston College High School is a Jesuit, Catholic, college-preparatory school for young men founded in 1863.  The school enrolls approximately 1600 students from more than 100 communities in eastern Massachusetts.

Local students earn honors at Malden Catholic High School

February 8, 2014 10:00 AM
The following was submitted by Malden Catholic High School:

Malden Catholic High School, one of New England’s leading college preparatory high schools for young men, has announced that the following local students received honors for distinguished academic performance during the second quarter of the 2013-2014 school year:

Second Honors - all grades 80 percent and above.
First Honors - all grades 85 percent and above.
Headmaster’s List - all grades 90 percent and above.

Wenhao (Ben)    An      FIRST HONORS        Allston
Hengshen (Kim)  Li       SECOND HONORS   Allston
Tianshu (Sean)  Xiao     SECOND HONORS   Allston
Qin (Bill)      Xu             FIRST HONORS        Allston
Michael Cahill               SECOND HONORS   Amesbury
Michael Addorisio         SECOND HONORS   Arlington
Timothy Matthews         FIRST HONORS       Arlington
Anthony Palazzo           FIRST HONORS      Bedford
Joshua  Soldan             FIRST HONORS      Bedford
Reilly  Peters                FIRST HONORS      Beverly
John (Jack)     Adams   SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Samuel  Palmisano       FIRST HONORS       Boxford
Nicholas        Puleio     SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Cameron Walter           SECOND HONORS   Boxford
Cameron Arrigo            HEADMASTER'S LIST Burlington
Corey   Forester           SECOND HONORS     Burlington
Kyle    Forester            SECOND HONORS     Burlington
Riley   Gilberg             SECOND HONORS      Burlington
Thomas  Sullivan         FIRST HONORS           Burlington
Han     Yan                 SECOND HONORS      Burlington
Jeffrey Wang               HEADMASTER'S LIST   Charlestown
Ryan    Corliss            FIRST HONORS           Chelsea
Sanjey  Singh             SECOND HONORS      Chelsea
James   Irving, Jr.        SECOND HONORS      Danvers
Kristopher Mullaney    SECOND HONORS      Danvers
Zachary Sasso           FIRST HONORS          Danvers
Matthew Bruno           SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
Michaelangelo Gerardi SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
Ryan    Sherman         SECOND HONORS     E. Boston
James   Augustin        FIRST HONORS          Everett
Luisadrian Bernal        SECOND HONORS     Everett
Hardy   Jean               FIRST HONORS         Everett
Brendan LaVallee        FIRST HONORS         Everett
Peter   Le                    SECOND HONORS   Everett
Gerardo Lopez-Picardi  FIRST HONORS        Everett
Brenden McCarthy       HEADMASTER'S LIST Everett
John    McCormack      SECOND HONORS   Everett
Louis   Sierra               SECOND HONORS   Everett
David   Strott               SECOND HONORS   Everett
Kellen  Field                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Gloucester
Jacob   Horrigan          FIRST HONORS         Gloucester
John    Camozzi          SECOND HONORS    Groveland
Hualiang (Tony) Li       SECOND HONORS     Hartford
Yixiao (Eric)   Liang     HEADMASTER'S LIST Hartford
Yihan   Zhao               HEADMASTER'S LIST  Hartford
Cameron Betz             SECOND HONORS      Lynn
Samuel  Cappuccio     HEADMASTER'S LIST   Lynn
Matthew Derby           SECOND HONORS        Lynn
Colin   Harvey            HEADMASTER'S LIST     Lynn
Matthew Filipe            FIRST HONORS            Lynnfield
Devin   Kelly               SECOND HONORS       Lynnfield
James   Mortellite       SECOND HONORS       Lynnfield
Patrick Passatempo    SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Joseph  Spinosa         SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Joseph  Veglia           SECOND HONORS      Lynnfield
Andrew  Andrade        FIRST HONORS          Malden
Andrew  Barros          SECOND HONORS      Malden
Colin   Blake             SECOND HONORS      Malden
Daniel  Coelho           FIRST HONORS          Malden
Garphey Crevecoeur     FIRST HONORS        Malden
Jharem  Crevecoeur      FIRST HONORS        Malden
Carlos  Dominguez       SECOND HONORS   Malden
Christopher Fitzgerald    FIRST HONORS      Malden
Riley   Hennessey        SECOND HONORS   Malden
Christopher Hopkins     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Run Chen Huang         SECOND HONORS   Malden
Rohit   Jaisinghani       FIRST HONORS       Malden
Karlens Joas               FIRST HONORS       Malden
Cameron Koizumi       SECOND HONORS   Malden
Matthew McCarthy      SECOND HONORS   Malden
Peter   Melendez        HEADMASTER'S LIST Malden
Brendan Murphy         SECOND HONORS   Malden
Shane   Norton           FIRST HONORS        Malden
Brian   O'Callaghan     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Kevin   O'Callaghan     SECOND HONORS   Malden
Joshua  Ouellette        SECOND HONORS   Malden
Mark    Panzini           FIRST HONORS        Malden
Umang   Patel            FIRST HONORS        Malden
Tyler   Ransom          SECOND HONORS    Malden
Logan   Sprague        SECOND HONORS    Malden
Michael Ssentongo     HEADMASTER'S LIST Malden
Jack    Stockless       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Malden
Russell Sully             SECOND HONORS      Malden
Adam    Surette         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Malden
Alexei  Teague          FIRST HONORS           Malden
John (Jack) Albanese HEADMASTER'S LIST  Medford
Javier  Barria             SECOND HONORS      Medford
Brendan Bunker        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Christopher Cafferty   SECOND HONORS      Medford
Krzysztof Cefalo       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Frederick DeNisco    FIRST HONORS           Medford
Alejandro DePeña     FIRST HONORS           Medford
Anthony DeSouza     FIRST HONORS           Medford
Nicholas DeSouza    SECOND HONORS       Medford
James   Donlan        HEADMASTER'S LIST    Medford
Thomas  Donlan       FIRST HONORS            Medford
Michael Endicott      SECOND HONORS       Medford
Matthew Hirl            HEADMASTER'S LIST    Medford
Andrew  Kelly          FIRST HONORS             Medford
Cameron Kelly         SECOND HONORS       Medford
Logan Lanciloti-Stark SECOND HONORS      Medford
James McQuaid        HEADMASTER'S LIST  Medford
Joseph  Morrissey     SECOND HONORS      Medford
Andrew  Murphy        FIRST HONORS           Medford
Brendan O'Donnell      SECOND HONORS     Medford
Steven  Passatempo   FIRST HONORS         Medford
Victor  Ramos            FIRST HONORS         Medford
William Riley Jr          HEADMASTER'S LIST Medford
Liam  Shaughnessy    SECOND HONORS    Medford
Jared   Silva              FIRST HONORS          Medford
Peter   Skerry           SECOND HONORS      Medford
Wei (Kevin) Su          FIRST HONORS          Medford
Edward  Tan            HEADMASTER'S LIST   Medford
Joseph  Toomey      FIRST HONORS            Medford
Michael Upton         SECOND HONORS       Medford
Gregory Viola          SECOND HONORS       Medford
Dylan   Bagley        FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Jack    Barresi        SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Jared   Bernis         FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Timothy Brown        FIRST HONORS             Melrose
William Carreiro       SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Jack    D'Errico        FIRST HONORS            Melrose
Luke    D'Errico        FIRST HONORS            Melrose
Ian     Dolaher         SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Steven  Doucette      HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Patrick Driscoll         SECOND HONORS      Melrose
Robert (Trey) Durant III  HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Anthony Gill              SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Austin  Goldstein       SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Corey   Goldstein       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
John    Graf                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Harrison Hahn           SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Robert  Hannula         FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Benjamin Hanover      FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Jonathon  Havey        SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Troy    Healy             FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Brandon Heng           FIRST HONORS          Melrose
Stephen Holmberg      SECOND HONORS    Melrose
Candan  Iuliano         SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Lucas   Janzen         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Kyle    Jones             SECOND HONORS     Melrose
Lucas   Kaestner        SECOND HONORS    Melrose
John    Kezerian         FIRST HONORS         Melrose
SungHyun (Sean) Kim  HEADMASTER'S LIST Melrose
Adam    Lew               FIRST HONORS         Melrose
Brian   Liwo                HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Michael Loycano        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Liam    Lynch-Galvin    FIRST HONORS           Melrose
Michael McElligott      SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Christopher McKenna  FIRST HONORS           Melrose
Luke    McKenna       SECOND HONORS        Melrose
Max     Meier             HEADMASTER'S LIST   Melrose
Michael Moschella      SECOND HONORS      Melrose
John  O'Brien             SECOND HONORS       Melrose
Matthew Oteri           FIRST HONORS             Melrose
Derek   Packard       HEADMASTER'S LIST     Melrose
Michael Ronayne     HEADMASTER'S LIST     Melrose
Benjamin Scarpa    SECOND HONORS          Melrose
Christopher Schwarze HEADMASTER'S LIST  Melrose
Michael Shea         SECOND HONORS          Melrose
Joseph  Tansino     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Joseph  Valente     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Kevin   Walsh        FIRST HONORS                Melrose
Tyler   Webb         FIRST HONORS                Melrose
Jacob   Witkowski SECOND HONORS           Melrose
Cameron Zahner    HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Zachary Zahner     HEADMASTER'S LIST       Melrose
Joseph  Crowley   HEADMASTER'S LIST       Middleton
John    McLean    SECOND HONORS          N. Andover
Ryan    Connor     FIRST HONORS              N. Reading
Ryan    Cristiano   FIRST HONORS             N. Reading
Joseph  Marini Jr.   HEADMASTER'S LIST   Nahant
Matthew Borges     FIRST HONORS            Peabody
Gianmarco Cappuccio  SECOND HONORS  Peabody
Michael Cashman  SECOND HONORS        Peabody
Frank   Celona       SECOND HONORS       Peabody
Alex    Gomes        FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Giuseppe Limoli      FIRST HONORS          Peabody
Alex  Massa          FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Rocco   Prestia     SECOND HONORS       Peabody
Kolbi   Shairs        FIRST HONORS           Peabody
Stephen Mayes     SECOND HONORS      Reading
Paul    McCarthy    SECOND HONORS     Reading
Kyle    Skinner      HEADMASTER'S LIST  Reading
Peter   Squeglia III  SECOND HONORS     Reading
Peter   Ventola       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Reading
James   Zaccardo    SECOND HONORS    Reading
Alexander Aguilar     FIRST HONORS        Revere
Phillip Antonucci IV    FIRST HONORS      Revere
Brendan Dao            SECOND HONORS   Revere
Christopher Dixon     SECOND HONORS   Revere
Joseph  Leone          SECOND HONORS   Revere
Nicholas Leone        HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Daniel  Marks          FIRST HONORS        Revere
Byung Kwon Moon   SECOND HONORS   Revere
Zachary Moore         HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Hugo    Palacios       SECOND HONORS   Revere
Juao-guilherme  Rosa HEADMASTER'S LIST Revere
Hans    Rosin           SECOND HONORS     Revere
Corey   Sanville        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Salem
Christopher Alihosseini  SECOND HONORS  Saugus
Benjamin Amico        SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Daniel  Barletta         HEADMASTER'S LIST  Saugus
Paul    Cook              SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Nico    DeFlorio         SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Nolen   Dube             SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Rachid  Elkhaouli       SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Antonio Fiorentino      FIRST HONORS          Saugus
Eric    Kalton             FIRST HONORS          Saugus
Christopher Kimmerle  FIRST HONORS         Saugus
Steven  Lima             SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Matteo  Mannara       SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Mark    Panetta         FIRST HONORS           Saugus
Nicholas Papageorge  SECOND HONORS     Saugus
Matthew Pelletier       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Saugus
Cameron Pozark       SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Joseph  Quatieri        SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Dennis  Scannell        SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Robert  Shields Jr.     SECOND HONORS       Saugus
Christopher Sparages  SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Richard Swierk           SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Charles Vozzella        SECOND HONORS      Saugus
Andrew  Ward            HEADMASTER'S LIST   Saugus
Brendan Costa           SECOND HONORS     Somerville
Maxwell Smith           SECOND HONORS     Somerville
Brian   Bialock           SECOND HONORS     Stoneham
Joseph  Cameron       FIRST HONORS          Stoneham
Michael Carbone        HEADMASTER'S LIST  Stoneham
Brian   Coles             SECOND HONORS      Stoneham
Stephen DiMauro       HEADMASTER'S LIST  Stoneham
Cameron Doyle         SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Raymond Dufour       SECOND HONORS        Stoneham
Alexander Galbraith   SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Kenneth Graczyk      SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Daniel  Lattarulo        SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Ronald  Mastrocola   FIRST HONORS             Stoneham
Thomas  Mello          FIRST HONORS             Stoneham
Joseph  Monteiro       FIRST HONORS            Stoneham
Mark    Mozzicato     HEADMASTER'S LIST    Stoneham
Owen    Noonan        SECOND HONORS        Stoneham
Connor  O'Neill          HEADMASTER'S LIST    Stoneham
Francesco Puopolo    SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Nicholas Rolli             FIRST HONORS           Stoneham
Kyle    Soares           SECOND HONORS       Stoneham
Cole    Iovine             FIRST HONORS            Tewksbury
Michael Welton        SECOND HONORS        Tewksbury
Timothy Guinee       SECOND HONORS         Topsfield
Brian   Cameron      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Shamus  Coyne      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Matthew Curran      SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Joseph  Delory        FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Ethan   Dupuis       SECOND HONORS         Wakefield
Joshua  Germino    FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Nicholas Grande    FIRST HONORS             Wakefield
Christian Hannabury HEADMASTER'S LIST  Wakefield
Connor  Henry        FIRST HONORS            Wakefield
Thomas  Ireland     FIRST HONORS            Wakefield
Robert  Mickolsz    SECOND HONORS       Wakefield
Ryan    Murphy       FIRST HONORS           Wakefield
James   Pasqua      SECOND HONORS      Wakefield
Matthew Sullivan     FIRST HONORS           Wakefield
Michael Valenza     SECOND HONORS       Wakefield
John    Aroush        SECOND HONORS        Waltham
John    Corbett        HEADMASTER'S LIST   Watertown
Joseph  Ascolese    HEADMASTER'S LIST   Wilmington
Christopher Babcock SECOND HONORS     Wilmington
Stephen Cardarelli   SECOND HONORS       Wilmington
John DiFava            HEADMASTER'S LIST    Wilmington
Alexander Frye        SECOND HONORS       Wilmington
Quinn   Reynolds      SECOND HONORS     Wilmington
Daniel  Marino          FIRST HONORS         Winchester
Ian     Steckel           FIRST HONORS        Winchester
Sean    Arria             FIRST HONORS        Winthrop
David   Fisher           FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Daniel  Garcia          FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
David   Giuffre          FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Nicholas Napoli       SECOND HONORS     Winthrop
Connor  Sullivan       FIRST HONORS         Winthrop
Kyle    Chute           HEADMASTER'S LIST  Woburn
Max     Doherty       HEADMASTER'S LIST   Woburn
Thomas  Ferullo      SECOND HONORS       Woburn
Christopher Flemming   HEADMASTER'S LIST  Woburn
David   Lennon, Jr.    HEADMASTER'S LIST   Woburn
Dennis  Nicolas       FIRST HONORS            Woburn
Ryan    Tarby          SECOND HONORS       Woburn
Huan (Kevin)    Zhou  SECOND HONORS

Arlington High improvements get a close look from town

December 24, 2013 01:06 PM
Unprecedented process underway to reshape Arlington High (via Your Arlington)

In January, 100 years after construction of the original building at Arlington High School began, the school administration plans to seek state funds to pursue a project unprecedented here -- reshaping the Mass. Ave. landmark. "There has never been…

Lahey's acquisition of Winchester Hospital, other moves to be reviewed

December 19, 2013 04:39 PM

Nearing the end of its first full-scale review of a proposed hospital merger, the Health Policy Commission on Wednesday approved two more full cost and market impact reviews of proposed hospital acquisitions in Winchester, Melrose and Medford.

The commission on Wednesday approved a preliminary report recommending a referral to Attorney General Martha Coakley and deeming Partners HealthCare System’s planned acquisition of South Shore Hospital and Harbor Medical Associates would increase costs without a substantial increase in health care system benefits and savings.

The commission then turned its attention to the suburbs north of Boston, approving a review of Partners’ proposed acquisition of Hallmark Health System and a review of Lahey Health System’s proposed acquisition of Winchester Hospital.

Hallmark operates Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford and Melrose-Wakefield Hospital in Melrose. Commission staff noted Partners’ plan calls for “significant restructuring of services at North Shore Medical Center” and said it “raises significant competitive concerns, including the potential of the resulting system to negotiate higher prices through increased bargaining leverage.”

HPC staff said Lahey became “more concentrated” when it merged with Northeast Health System and said an additional acquisition would raise similar “competitive concerns.”

- A. Metzger/SHNS

Malden councilor eyes Clark's senate seat, but also recruiting others

December 16, 2013 02:14 PM

Malden City Councilor David D’Arcangelo might run for Sen. Katherine Clark’s former state Senate seat, though he said he is also recruiting others to try for the seat and evaluating other options.

“It’s such a short race and then you’ve got to run again,” D’Arcangelo told the News Service, referring to the April 1 special election, followed by another election in November.

He said, “Maybe there’s a November run rather than a run in April. We really need to try to make sure there’s a full marketplace of ideas, instead of just a steady diet of tax and spend.”

After long-time Republican Sen. Richard Tisei gave up the Senate seat to run for lieutenant governor in 2010, Malden City Councilor Craig Spadafora lost to Clark, of Melrose, in the 2010 race to replace Tisei in the Senate.

D'Archangleo said he's encouraged Spadafora to try again in the 5th Middlesex District. After winning a special Congressional election last Tuesday, Clark traded the state Senate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

D’Arcangelo also mentioned as potential GOP candidates Melrose Alderwoman Monica Medeiros and Melrose Republican David Lucas, who lost a bid for Clark’s former House seat in 2010.

“We want somebody who’s going to take it seriously who’s going to have the time to invest,” said D’Arcangelo, who said he is concerned what effect the back-to-back campaigns would have on his Archangel Communications business.

As a former aide to Tisei, who held the seat and the title of minority leader before Clark won it for the Democrats, D’Arcangelo said he would meet with the state party Tuesday to discuss his options. “Our system of government was not designed to work with just one party, and that’s what we have right now, unfortunately,” said D’Arcangelo.

– A. Metzger/SHNS

Special election set for April 1 to replace Katherine Clark

December 12, 2013 12:20 PM

Voters in Malden, Melrose, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield and parts of Winchester will head to the polls April 1 to choose a successor to former state Sen. Katherine Clark, who resigned this week following her election Tuesday to Congress.

The primary will be held March 4, according to the Associated Press.

The Globe reported earlier this fall that three of Clarks’ legislative colleagues, Paul Brodeur of Melrose; Christopher G. Fallon of Malden; and Jason Lewis of Winchester — said they are weighing runs for the Fifth Middlesex state Senate seat.

Lewis announced this week that he is in the race to fill Clark’s state Senate seat.

Elected to the House in 2008 and representing Stoneham and Winchester, Lewis issued a press release to announce he’s running. “I’ve learned that hard work, independent leadership, and a commitment to the concerns of local families can produce great results, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in the legislature these five years,” Lewis, a South Africa native, said in a statement. “We’ve had great success in Stoneham and Winchester and I’m looking forward to getting to know the families of Malden, Melrose, Reading, and Wakefield as we kick off this campaign for State Senate.”

Lewis is vice-chairman of the Joint Committee on Public Health and played a role in helping to create the state’s Prevention and Wellness Trust to fund community-based public health and wellness programs. Lewis and his wife Susan live in Winchester with their daughters, Sophie and Jessie. Clark on Tuesday won a special election and is scheduled to join the U.S. House on Thursday.

The special election to replace Clark in the Legislature is the latest in a long line of special elections held since last January. Additional specials are on the horizon as well, with Rep. Marty Walsh due to step down around the end of the year to be sworn in as the next mayor of Boston.

The House has not yet set a special election date to fill the seat formerly held by Donald Humason, who is now a senator after winning a special election to succeed former Sen. Michael Knapik.

Another special election is already underway in the district south of Boston formerly represented by Dan Winslow, who left the House for a private sector job. The winners of the upcoming special elections will represent their districts during an important stretch of the two-year session - formal sessions in 2014 are scheduled to run until the end of July - before likely ramping up their reelection machines for next November's regularly scheduled elections.

- M. Norton/SHNS

Winchester voters consider property tax hike for high school

December 10, 2013 11:05 AM

As they head to the polls for a Special State Election to fill the seat vacated in the U.S. House of Representatives by Senator Edward J. Markey, Winchester voters on Tuesday also will cast ballots in a Special Town Election to decide the fate of the proposed debt exclusion to fund a comprehensive overhaul of Winchester High School.

The $129.9 million addition and renovation project is designed to address three critical issues for Winchester: increasing enrollment; an obsolete building infrastructure; and an educational program that is no longer supported by the physical layout of Winchester High School.

A town website describing the project is here.

If voters approve the debt exclusion for the high school, that project alone could add as much as $847 to the average annual property tax bill, already among the highest in the state.

During the past six years, the average property tax bill for a single-family home in Winchester, assessed in fiscal 2013 at $770,456, has increased 26 percent, from $7,803 in fiscal 2007 to $9,839 in fiscal 2013, state records show.

If voters approve the debt exclusion, a temporary property tax hike that lasts only as long as the debt incurred for the project, town officials would complete work on the high school by fall 2017.

The Massachusetts School Building Authority on Oct. 2 approved a grant of up to $44.5 million for the comprehensive rebuilding of Winchester High School, leaving the town responsible for the balance of $85.4 million.

John Natale, a vocal critic of the project, together with a small band of volunteers, is going door-to-door, handing out fliers to “every homeowner in Winchester,” urging them to vote against the debt exclusion. In all, the group is distributing about 7,000 fliers, Natale said.

“My principal objection to this project is that I’m against wasting money,” said Natale, 78, a retired electrical engineer who believes the high school’s shortcomings can be addressed without a major overhaul. He noted that under state School Building Authority guidelines, the current high school is 45,000 square feet larger than necessary to house even the maximum projected enrollment of 1,370 students.

“The proponents’ motto is ‘strong schools, strong communities,’ ” said Natale. “I agree with that, but we have it already. Winchester High School is an incredibly successful high school; a new building is not going to improve SAT scores.”

NECN to air televised debate between two candidates seeking to replace Ed Markey in Congress

December 5, 2013 11:29 AM

With less than a week to go before a special election, Congressional candidates Sen. Katherine Clark (D-Melrose) and Republican Frank Addivinola are set for their first televised debate.

New England Cable News announced Thursday morning that Clark and Addivinola will debate at 3 p.m. Friday and the cable channel will air the debate at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Rebroadcasts are planned for Saturday at 11:30 a.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m.

The special election to fill the seat formerly held by Sen. Edward Markey is Tuesday.

Independent James Aulenti of Wellesley and Justice Peace Security candidate James Hall of Arlington are also on the ballot.

- M. Norton/SHNS

A look at the two candidates in Tuesday's special election to replace Ed Markey in Congress

December 4, 2013 11:25 AM

Katherine Clark, the 50-year-old Democratic nominee for the Fifth Congressional District, is heavily favored in the Dec. 10 special election to succeed Edward J. Markey in the US House of Representatives.

Yet Clark, a state senator from Melrose, still faces one last test.

Her Republican opponent, Frank J. Addivinola Jr., a businessman and lawyer with six graduate degrees and conservative views on the Affordable Care Act, guns, gay marriage, and abortion, says he is going to win.

Here are brief biographies of the two candidates. Go to Thursday's Globe North and Globe West for more.

Katherine Marlea Clark
Born: 1963 New Haven, CT
Undergraduate education: St. Lawrence University
Profession: State senator
Self-described political views: Progressive Democrat
Personal life: Married with three school-age boys
Current residence: Melrose
Grocery store of choice: Market Basket
International adventure: Studied abroad in Nagoya, Japan, in 1983

Frank John Addivinola Jr.
Born: 1960 Malden, MA
Undergraduate education: Williams College
Profession: Doctoral student, teacher, lawyer, owner test prep business
Self-described political view: Smaller government, traditional Republican
Personal life: Married
Current residence: Boston
Grocery store of choice: Market Basket
International adventure: From 2002-2006, lived in Odessa, Ukraine, and ran a tourist-focused business there

Kevin McKenzie of Nashoba Valley Technical High school committee dies

November 28, 2013 10:48 AM
Obituary: Kevin McKenzie (via The Groton Line)

Kevin Myles McKenzie, Groton’s representative to the Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee, lost his courageous battle with lung cancer — a fight that he had waged for well over a year. This once-active man spent the last 10 months…

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