Here are the street closures, parking restrictions for Saturday’s Carribean Carnival and Parades in Boston

Natalia Brown at last year's Carribean Carnival Parade on August 27, 2016 in Dorchester. –John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

The City of Boston has announced several road closures and no-parking zones for the Carribean Carnival and Parades on Saturday. The two parades, one starting in Dorchester and the other in Roxbury, will both end at Franklin Park. The city is recommending that parade-goers use public transportation or bicycles.

The Jouvert Parade will begin at 6:30 a.m. on Talbot Avenue at Kerwin Street.

The Carribean Carnival Parade will begin at 1 p.m. on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, with police beginning to redirect traffic at 11 a.m.:

– Outbound (west) vehicle traffic on Columbia Road will be rerouted at Geneva Avenue with all traffic being directed to turn left (south) onto Geneva Avenue toward Bowdoin Street.
– Vehicle traffic on Blue Hill [Avenue] will be redirected at Blue Hill Avenue and Talbot Avenue with no traffic on Blue Hill Avenue toward American Legion Highway.
– At Blue Hill Avenue and American Legion Highway, all traffic will be directed onto Blue Hill Avenue (south) toward Talbot Avenue.
– Vehicle traffic on Columbus Avenue will be directed onto Walnut Avenue at the intersection of Columbus Avenue, Seaver Street and Walnut Avenue.
– No vehicle traffic will be allowed on Seaver Street toward Blue Hill Avenue.

Parking will be restricted in the following areas Saturday:

– Talbot Avenue, Kerwin Street to Blue Hill Avenue
– Blue Hill Avenue, Harvard Street to Warren Street
– Dale Street, Walnut Avenue to #56 Dale Street, and Sherman Street to Warren Street
– Columbia Road, Blue Hill Avenue to Seaver Street
– Glenway Street, Blue Hill Avenue past Old Road to #11 Glenway
– Glenway Street, School Yard, along the fence abutting Glenway Street
– Martin Luther King Boulevard, Warren Street to Washington Street
– Old Road, Glenway Street to Columbia Road
– Seaver Street, Blue Hill Avenue to #280 Seaver Street
– Warren Street, from Martin Luther King Boulevard to Blue Hill Avenue
– Circuit Drive, Blue Hill Avenue to Morton Street
– Walnut Avenue, Franklin Park side, Seaver Street to Sigourney Street
– Sigourney Street, Franklin Park side, Walnut Avenue to Glen Road
– Walnut Avenue, both sides, Seaver Street to Park Lane