What you’ll find at one of the most eclectic car shows in the Boston area

Cars & Coffee at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.
Cars & Coffee at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. –Photo by George Kennedy

If you attend enough cars shows, things can start to get repetitive. You’ve seen one Corvette, you’ve seen them all. Thankfully, the Cars & Coffee series offers a more unique spin on the classic auto show.

Originally started in Irvine, Calif., in the early 2000s, Cars & Coffee consisted of a group of friends who gathered to check out each other’s supercars. From there, it grew into a massive show.

Cars & Coffee events are now held all over the United States, and one of the best is right here in Boston at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. The Boston event is unique because it parks a new Aston Martin DB11 or Lamborghini Aventador next to a beefed-up Jeep Wrangler or Volkswagen Thing.


The next Cars & Coffee event is Saturday, October 28. Here’s what you missed at today’s show: