Monster Jam will bring monstrous truck action to Worcester

The trucks roll into Worcester's DCU Center from Feb. 16-18.

Grave Digger
The Grave Digger at a Moster Jam event. –Feld Entertainment

Monster Jam is a celebration of all things truck with world-renowned drivers, their famous vehicles, and a competition unlike any other.

These aren’t even close to your typical trucks. Monster Jam trucks are roughly 10.5 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and 17 feet long, and they come in at 12,000 pounds each. If those numbers aren’t impressive enough, these trucks also have about 1,500 horsepower.

A Monster Jam truck isn’t the kind of thing you take on the highway during rush hour. It’s the kind of thing that tackles crazy dirt tracks, flies off the ends of jumps, and rears up on its back wheels like some kind of angry Transformer.


Pulling off those feats requires tires that are 66 inches in diameter and 43 inches wide with a weight of 800 pounds when mounted to a wheel. Even the shocks are crazy with up to 30 inches of travel to handle the impact when a Monster Jam truck slams back down to the ground.

It sounds dangerous, but the trucks are specially designed to keep the driver safe through the rigors of the competition. There’s a roll cage, a molded driver’s seat, and a five-point harness mounted to the truck to keep the driver secure.

The drivers also wear special gear to help keep them safe when things go right and when they go wrong. Each wears a custom fire resistant driving suit with three layers of protection, flame-resistant gloves with extra grip, flame-resistant shoes, and a helmet.

You’ll have your chance to see these incredible trucks and talented drivers in action from Feb. 16-18 when Monster Jam makes a stop at the DCU Center in Worcester. This three-day event features multiple contests designed to test each driver’s skill at maneuvering his truck.

There’s timed racing through an obstacle course, head-to-head racing, a two-wheel skills challenge, and a freestyle challenge that lets drivers show off their best tricks and stunts. Drivers even compete in a donut challenge to see who can do the most donuts as fast as possible.


Some of what you can expect to see includes 360-degree backflips, launches up to 30 feet high traveling over 130 feet, and a pogo, which is when a truck bounces on its rear tires while standing up to do a wheelie. Drivers are constantly coming up with new stunts to outdo each other, so anything can happen the day of the show.

The lineup currently includes Bounty Hunter, driven by Jimmy Cretenl El Toro Loco, driven by Becky McDonough; FS1 Cleatus, driven by Marc McDonald; Grave Digger, driven by Morgan Kane; Lucas Oil Crusader, driven by Linsey Weenk; Monster Energy, driven by Coty Saucier; Scarlet Bandit, driven by Dawn Creten; and Soldier Fortune, driven by Chad Fortune.

Monster Jam will be stopping at the DCU Center in Worcester from Feb. 16-18. Ticket prices start at $15. More info at