Dozens of supercars will roll through Boston’s streets this weekend

They're part of the 10th annual goldRush Rally cross-country tour.

A Mercedes-Benz SLR-McLaren from last year's goldRush rally.
A Mercedes-Benz SLR-McLaren from last year's goldRush rally. –John Sweeney

This Friday and Saturday, you can see dozens of supercars on display and driving through Boston.

2018 marks the start of “GRX”: the 10th edition of the goldRush Rally, a cross-country supercar tour that snakes from city to city. It’s inspired by the original Cannonball Run from the 1970s. While the original rallies were largely illegal, these supercars adhere to the laws of the road.

“GoldRush Rally is an annual trendsetting celebration and one of the fastest-growing social events and lifestyle brands,” said Peter Ladas, co-founder of Boston-area car club YuppieRacing. “This exciting event is a mixture of an exotic and supercar rally, nightlife parties, celebrities, DJs, and VIP participants.”


For the goldRush, cars are covered in festive wraps and eye-catching decals. The lineup of cars includes at least four new Ford GTs, several Ferraris and Lamborghinis, a couple of Bugattis, a pair of McLarens, and a Porsche 911 GT3 wrapped to look like “Lightning McQueen.”

There will also be extremely rare cars, like a Pagani Huarya and a Ford F-150 Report that’s been modified by Hennessy into a six-wheel-drive monster of a vehicle.

Other vehicles include Bentleys, Range Rovers, and various Mercedes vehicles, as well as a new LS600 and LX460 provided by Lexus. But as notable as the vehicles are, there will be some pretty famous personalities to go with the cars.

“The drivers are an eclectic bunch, from all walk of life, including Cliff Avril from the Seattle Seahawks, Kurt Busch from NASCAR, and Goldberg, the wrestler,” Ladas said.

Goldberg, a noted muscle car fan and collector, will co-pilot an all-new Ford GT with Kurt Busch.

In addition to all this star power and high-powered machinery, one vehicle in particular stands out.

“We dubbed it ‘The Unicorn,'” Ladas said. “It’s a ‘1 in 25’ Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR being shipped to Boston to make the drive from the start.”


(10 a.m. Friday to 8 a.m. Saturday in front of the Revere Hotel, 200 Stuart St.; 8 to 9:30 a.m. Saturday at Underground Ink Block, 90 Traveler St.; free; all ages.)