Do I need to balance the drive shaft in my truck?

Ford F-150
Ford F-150 –Ford

My truck seems to run fine, but someone recently asked me if I had the drive shaft balanced.  Do I need to get it balanced?

Q. During one of the severe snowstorms this past winter, I got hung up on a snowbank with my 2014 Ford F-150. It has four-wheel drive, and I lost the drive shaft to the rear wheels. I managed to get the truck off the snowbank and drive it to a mechanic. He was able to weld the broken part of the driveshaft and put it back on the truck. It seems to run fine, but someone recently asked me if I had it balanced.  Do I need to get the drive shaft balanced, and who would be able to balance it if I do?


A. There are specialty shops that balance drive shafts, but most shops will either replace it with a used unit from a salvage yard or replace it with a new one. If a drive shaft is out of balance, the body of the truck or the seat will vibrate. If you are not feeling any vibration and the welding was performed correctly, I wouldn’t be concerned. If you want to be absolutely sure, you could have your shop take out the drive shaft and send it to a machine shop to check the balance and the integrity of the welds.

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