Why is my check-engine light on?

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My car’s check-engine light came on for a problem with the oxygen sensor, which I purchased and replaced, but it just came back on again. What should I do?

Q. My car’s check-engine light comes on, then goes off, and now it is back on. I had a test done at local auto shop. It showed a code of PO138, which indicates a problem with the oxygen sensor. I purchased and replaced the oxygen sensor, but the light never went out. I contacted the mechanic who services my vehicle, and he said codes don’t always indicate what’s wrong. What should I do?


A. Computer fault codes can sometimes be misleading even to the best technician. There is a specific troubleshooting procedure that needs to be followed for correct diagnosis and repair. The sensor will never work correctly if there is a problem with the wiring to and from the sensor. A technician will usually check for proper voltage and grounds to the sensor. Even a new sensor with a faulty ground circuit will not function properly.

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