Should I repair my car at the dealer or a local garage?

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Should I pick up a used drive shaft and let a local garage do the repair, or should I just have the dealer install a new one?

Q. There is a rumble-like vibration when accelerating in my 2012 Toyota Highlander with 165,000 miles on it. The dealer determined that the car needs a center-driveshaft replacement. The cost will be about $1,100, including labor. Do you think I should look for a used drive shaft and have it replaced at a local garage, or do you think I should get a new drive shaft replaced by the dealership?

A. Replacing the driveshaft with aftermarket or rebuilt units — or even a used unit from a salvage yard — could be an economical alternative. Make sure, however, that the shop carefully inspects the part before installing it in your vehicle. If the donor vehicle was in a bad crash, the driveshaft could be damaged.



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