Are you ready to Launch, Gladiator?

A nod to Toledo: A Gladiator Launch Edition run of just 4,190.

The Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition.
The Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition. –Jeep

Jeep’s new Gladiator pickup has a base price of about $35,000, but for about $27,000 more, buyers ordering the Launch Edition can get the tricked-up version featuring a special tailgate badge that winks.

The Launch Edition’s production run for domestic sales will be limited to 4,190 vehicles — an allusion to the 419 area code in Jeep’s home city — and each is marked with “One of 4,190” on its tailgate along with special wheels and interior accents. The special Gladiators are available only for order through

FCA chose Tuesday, April 4, to introduce it because it’s the fourth day of the fourth month — 4×4 Day.


The Launch Edition is priced at $62,310, which is close to the sticker for the priciest, fully loaded Gladiators. But for buyers with leaner budgets, a base Sport model with a manual transmission starts at $35,040, while an optional automatic shift adds $2,000 to the price, Automotive News reports.

The Gladiator’s price point is higher than other pickups, but the Wrangler-based vehicle also is designed with greater off-road and towing capability than its rivals.

Scott Tallon, director of Jeep, told The Blade that the Gladiator’s inspiration was customers who were migrating to other brands to buy a pickup.

“There’s a lot of people we’ve talked to over the years that want a truck to carry their ‘toys’ in, to go camping in. Whether it’s to put bicycles, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, or camping gear in, they can’t necessarily do it as easily as they’d like to in a Wrangler,” Tallon said.

“They’re already Jeep customers, many of them. But we didn’t have a product that really fit their needs until now. Until the Gladiator,” he added.

The Launch Edition’s local tribute isn’t the vehicle’s only reference to Toledo, where the Gladiators are built. A pre-production Gladiator displayed at the Toledo Auto Show had a “419” on the driver’s side of its cargo bay.