New York is limiting Uber. Boston won’t. Here’s why.

A driver with placards for both Lyft and Uber waited for a traffic light outside South Station. —Lane Turner/Globe Staff/file 2017

Don’t expect Boston to follow New York City’s aggressive clamp-down on Uber and Lyft.

The New York City Council on Wednesday passed a series of reforms to slow the fast-growing ride-hail industry, highlighted by a one-year freeze in licensing new cars in the city. The plan, which came over the loud objections of the industry leaders, was pitched as a way to limit their impact on urban congestion — a trend that studies show is also happening in Boston.

But the new rules probably aren’t replicable in other cities. New York is unique in the country for the power it has over the ride-hail industry, with the city’s taxi commission directly overseeing it. Drivers are required to obtain commercial permits, a more burdensome requirement than other states.

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