Aston Martin takes personalization to next level with Valkyrie customers

Future owners are free to be picky with their $2.6-million hypercar.

Aston Martin Valkyrie.
Aston Martin Valkyrie. –Aston Martin

All premium automakers bend over backward to meet the needs of their highest paying customers. But few go to such extreme lengths as Aston Martin. Aston Martin selected 150 lucky individuals to purchase its new Valkyrie, though each customer apparently will receive more than one example of the Adrian Newey-designed hypercar, according to Bloomberg.

In addition to the full-size version, each customer also will receive a replica of their $2.6-million car — though in some cases they get multiple replicas. Although the Valkyrie will have about as many luxuries as your typical racing car, customers will be able to choose some optional extras, such as aerodynamic carbon fiber wheel covers, which will be reflected on their model.


“Once you spec your car, you’ll get a 1-to-18 scale model in the colors that you’ve selected,” Aston Martin chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, told Bloomberg. “You’ll get the model, and you’ll go, ‘I love it,’ or, ‘Hmm, I’d like to switch this.’ Then you’ll come back to us, and we’ll repeat the process.”

One of the most unique things about the Valkyrie is the fact that the seats aren’t actually seats, but rather they’re pads that have been mounted directly to the chassis. As a result, customers actually have to be fitted for their cars. What’s more, the driver and passenger’s seating position is similar to that of a Formula One car — reclined, with your feet sitting higher than your hips. What’s more the driver and passenger are nearly touching each other because there is just a slim divider between them. Reichman, however, insists that the cockpit isn’t tight enough to make you feel claustrophobic.

“We had Serena Williams (who’s an Aston Martin brand ambassador) sitting in the car at six months pregnant,” Reichman said. “I’m 6-foot-4, and I fit in there with her.” Considering Reichman is the same size as another Aston brand ambassador by the name of Tom Brady, we wonder if the New England Patriots quarterback also will get to experience the unusual car for himself.