Nissan Leaf NISMO concept to serve as basis for ‘racier’ version of EV

Who says EV's can't be fun?

An early Nissan LEAF NISMO Concept rendering.
An early Nissan LEAF NISMO Concept rendering. –Nissan

Nissan is well aware that there aren’t many people who are fans of the outgoing Leaf, but it has a plan to ensure that the updated model doesn’t have that same problem.

The Japanese manufacturer teased a Leaf NISMO concept at its Nissan Futures event Monday that it says will eventually become a production vehicle. NISMO, short for Nissan Motorsport, is the automaker’s performance arm, and currently produces sport-tuned versions of the 370Z, Sentra and Juke.

Although the updated Leaf already improves upon the controversial styling of its predecessor, the “racier” version of the electric vehicle takes that a step further, with a more aggressive stance, bigger alloy wheels as well as a front splitter and side skirts. “The previous Leaf’s design wasn’t popular with the majority of people,
 so its look couldn’t contribute to sales,”
 Nissan design chief, Alfonso Albaisa, told Autocar. “The new car
 is lower, wider and sportier, with the point
 of this design being to
 get greater accessibility of the market.”


Nissan reportedly also has a hot Leaf E-Plus slated to launch in 2019. The E-Plus, similar to BMW’s recently revealed i3s, will feature more power and an increased battery capacity. It hopefully will be more impressive than the i3s, however, as the BMW can be outperformed by a standard Chevrolet Bolt. Dealer Specials: