‘We understand changing your daily routine is not ideal’: Additional lane closures on Tobin Bridge starting Tuesday

Southbound closures are planned in addition to the northbound ones that began in April, according to MassDOT.

Traffic headed from Tobin Bridge into Boston during morning commute.
Traffic headed from the Tobin Bridge into Boston during a morning commute. –Joanne Rathe / The Boston Globe, File

Work to improve the Tobin Bridge and the Chelsea Curves area of Route 1 is about to ramp up with additional lane closures, according to the state Department of Transportation.

Southbound lane closures are set to begin Tuesday morning and are planned to run through November, according to MassDOT. One southbound lane will be closed between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m., and, overnight, an additional lane will be closed on an “as needed” basis. Work will halt for the winter months but is planned to recommence next April and run through November 2020.

These are in addition to the northbound closures that started back on April 1 — a northbound lane is closed at all times with a second closed intermittently.


MassDOT notes on its website that those driving and taking MBTA buses “can expect increased travel times through the workzone on Route 1 north and southbound, especially during peak hours.”

The southbound closures will include the County Road Overpass to the Tobin Bridge, according to MassDOT. On the northbound side, lane closures will continue to include the bridge, but will extend to the overpass.

The project does not affect on- or off-ramps, the project website says.

For the Route 111 bus, the MBTA proposes using the commuter rail or the SL3, which connects to the Blue and Red lines. For bus routes 426 and 428, there are other bus routes that go to the Blue Line or the commuter rail.

“We understand changing your daily routine is not ideal, but we’re hoping to keep you moving right along during this long-term, necessary construction,” the MBTA said.