A state rep stepped in to fix 2 ‘chaotic’ Somerville intersections, and 42 tickets were issued in one day

After receiving “numerous” reports of “intolerable, chaotic traffic” at two Somerville intersections on weekday mornings, state Rep. Mike Connolly reached out to state police for an intervention.

On Friday, Connolly said, troopers on detail at the intersections handed out 42 tickets.

Connolly posted on Facebook Sunday about the two particularly hectic intersections: McGrath Highway and Broadway, and McGrath Highway and Pearl Street.

The post said his office had reached out to state police to request a detail to address drivers who block the intersections. Troopers were then assigned to monitor the areas, which led to Friday’s ticket spike.

Police plan to have a trooper on detail every day this week, Connolly wrote.


A Change.org petition with nearly 150 signatures alleges drivers at the massive McGrath Highway and Broadway intersection regularly ignore traffic signals and block crosswalks.

“Families walking with toddlers or using strollers, young children walking alone to school, elderly, and disabled people face increased risk and stress as they are forced to navigate through motor vehicles continuing to move through the spaces designated for pedestrians,” the petition reads.

Connolly said he’s in talks with state and city officials about additional enforcement options for the intersections, such as “Don’t Block the Box” street markings. He could not be immediately reached for additional comment Wednesday.