Some city councilors want a 20 mph speed limit in Boston

Some Boston city councilors want to lower the default speed limit from 25 miles per hour to 20. —Adobe Stock

Less than two years after Boston lowered its speed limit to 25 miles an hour, some elected officials are pushing to slow down city streets even more.

Citing concerns about pedestrian safety, City Councilors Frank Baker and Ed Flynn want Boston to explore a 20 miles per hour default speed limit on some or all city roads. They’ve called for a council hearing to explore the proposal, which could require a change in state law.

“Twenty-five miles per hour is still too fast in our city,’’ said Flynn, who has pledged to push for traffic calming in his South Boston district after a young child was killed by a driver in July. “I see a lot of cars going so fast through various neighborhoods of Boston. I think the time is now.’’

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