Roadwork is ramping up in and around Boston. Here are 8 projects to look out for.

Prepare yourself for some lane closures.

Mass. Pike traffic
–Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe, File

Summer months come with beach days, barbecues, and some not-so-welcome things like roadwork.

For commuters who just breathed a sigh of relief with the conclusion of winter weather and driving in it, there’s now a variety of road projects to contend with.

That being said, much of the work for what are thought to be the most disruptive projects won’t be going on during peak hours. Here’s a list of those projects, and when work on them is happening, according to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation:

Rehabilitation of the Tobin Bridge and Chelsea Viaduct

What’s being done: MassDOT is repairing the structure of the Tobin Bridge at a cost of $42 million, according to Patrick Marvin, a spokesman with the department. At the same time, the department is carrying out $180 million worth of work on the Chelsea Viaduct, or “Chelsea Curves,” part of Route 1.


Traffic impacts: Continuous lane closures will be part of this project for the next two years, Marvin said. The 4th Street ramp will also be closed within the next few weeks, and that will last for about two months.

Mass. Pike work

What’s being done: Much work is going on along the Mass. Pike this summer through multiple towns, according to Marvin.

  • In Framingham, Natick, Wayland, and Weston, crews are working on resurfacing the roadway, a project that will include lane shifts and concrete barriers. The work is scheduled to wrap up next March. This project is going on overnight from Sunday through Thursday.
  • Along the stretch between Grafton and Millbury, workers are replacing guardrails, as well as taking out guardrails and putting in median barriers. This $13.6 million project has been ongoing since 2016, and the work is going on at night.

North Washington Street Bridge

What’s being done: About $177 million is being spent to replace the North Washington Street Bridge, Marvin said. The bridge stretches between the North End and Charlestown over the Boston Inner Harbor. Workers are building a temporary bridge at the moment.

Traffic impacts: Lane closures and construction of the temporary bridge is happening overnight, according to Marvin.

Gilmore Bridge

What’s being done: MassDOT is repairing the bridge, which runs between Boston and Cambridge on Austin Street, Marvin said.

Traffic impacts: Workers are closing lanes during off-peak commuter hours and are working overnight.

Morton Street/Gallivan Boulevard intersection work

What’s being done: The $3.2 million project in Boston endeavors to improve the roadway along Morton Street and where it intersects with Gallivan Boulevard and West Selden Street, Marvin said.

Traffic impacts: Lane closures are being done during off hours and overnight.

I-290 work in Auburn and Worcester

What’s being done: Two sections of the road are being repaved — the stretch from the I-290 eastbound ramp to Swanson Road to the western part of Bridge W-44-104, which goes over the Providence and Worcester railroad and the area just east of McKeon Road to the western part of Bridge W-44-109. The two portions together include about 2.7 miles of roadway. The $5.8 million project is set to wrap up in the middle of September.


Traffic impacts: Working is going on at night, according to Marvin.

I-190 maintenance in Worcester and West Boylston

What’s being done: Paving, joint repairs for nine bridges, and barrier replacements are on tap for this project. It stretches for about 3.2 miles between Exits 1 and 4. The $22 million project, which had its contract awarded in 2016, is planned to wrap up in early August.

Traffic impacts: Lanes are being closed during the day and overnight, Marvin said.

I-190 work in Sterling

What’s being done: This $19 million project includes repaving, plus environmental and safety improvements, for all six highway lanes over a total of seven miles. The contract was awarded last May, and the project won’t be finished until April 2021.

Traffic impacts: Marvin said lanes are being closed during daytime and nighttime hours.