Who are ‘The Uglies?’ Boston’s Moped Gang, Of Course


The hipster members of a Boston moped gang called “The Uglies’’ formed the group— how else– ironically, in 2007.

According to Boston Magazine, the group is comprised of roughly 30 people who ride mopeds together, hang out at Allston moped shop “Lucky 2 Strokes,’’ and hold yearly moped rallies drawing riders from across the country. Their 2014 rally, the Big Seize II, will be held from June 6-8.

According to the magazine:

"It started as a joke," says Andy Lauzier, 24, of the gang, which formed in 2007. Hells Angels, they aren’t: Lucky 2 Strokes co-owner Quinn Welch, 22, explains that the group exists for the camaraderie and because "moped gangs are funny." They ride, throw parties, and talk mopeds.

Boston Magazine reported the group’s 2013 rally “The Big Seize’’ was so successful they’re hosting their second annual rally this weekend:

Last summer, Lucky 2 Strokes and the Uglies held their first moped rally, the Big Seize, drawing more than 100 riders from as far away as Los Angeles. From June 6 to 8, they’re holding the Big Seize II, a weekend of partying and riding with a scavenger hunt, two Van Halen cover bands, and a vegan taco truck.

You’re probably familiar with motorcycle gangs, which have made headlines in the past for encounters such as the September 2013 confrontation that left a New York man hospitalized.


Moped gangs, however, are typically smaller and less well known. But the vintage motorized bikes are gaining in popularity around the world, and are starting to cause some problems. British moped gangs have been in the news recently for robberies, and Brooklyn’s moped gangs have faced off against police on occasion.

The Allston-based Uglies say they are in it for friendship and are looking for new members. If you’re interested in becoming an Ugly or you are simply wondering what exactly a moped gang looks like, here’s a video from last year’s rally, the first rally the gang held.

Can’t make the rally? The gang of twenty-somethings told Boston Magazine they ride every Wednesday evening and are looking to recruit more women.

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