Boston Traffic Apparently Isn’t That Bad (Relatively Speaking)

Memorial Day getaway traffic clogs up the SouthEast Expressway as it passes through Dorchester at rush hour in the afternoon. –JOHN TLUMACKI/BOSTON GLOBE

Everyone has a story about Boston traffic. Whether you are a tourist simply trying to navigate the area or a local who bemoans the horrible commute, we all have experienced the days that make us assume Boston’s roads are some of the most crowded in the country.

Well, according to a new study, maybe we shouldn’t be complaining so much.

The Daily Mail reported that researchers looked at the time added to a trip by taking that trip during a peak period instead of when there is no traffic. The findings show that, no matter where you are in the United States, traffic is somehow getting worse and worse.


But when it comes to the rankings, the study, based on information from TomTom GPS users, has Boston as the 19th worst city for traffic congestion, which doesn’t exactly fall in line with how most people imagine the Hub.

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles and New York both made the top ten, but Boston fell behind seemingly random cities like San Jose, Montreal, and even Tampa Bay, Florida.

So it might be time to stop pegging our fine city as a driver’s worst nightmare. As it turns out, Boston’s supposedly crowded roads really could be worse.

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