Static Problems with Honda’s AM Radio

Q. I have a 1991 Honda Accord that has 361,000 miles on it. I plan to keep it for a couple of more years unless there is some major malfunction. I like to listen to you on AM radio, but I have a static discharge problem while the car is in motion on a dry road. There is no problem when the engine is revved up while stopped, and there is no problem while the car is in motion on rainy days. Given these symptoms, there is no problem with the radio, antenna, or the transmission line connecting the two. And there is no problem of engine-generated noise. What are your thoughts on this?


A. Years back there were some tire brands that due to their design would build up static electricity. I received an email like this a few years back and the owner of the car solved the problem with old-fashioned static strap that provide a path for the static electricity to discharge.

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