Even Cars Support Artie T

Arthur T. Demoulas’s face drapes the windows of a truck in Tewksbury.
A man wearing a Market Basket hat rode in the backseat of a truck with photos of Arthur T. Demoulas on its back windows in Tewksbury, Massachusetts July 21, 2014. –Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

As the Market Basket madness continues, employees, customers and supporters of Arthur T. Demoulas, the company’s former CEO, have found different ways to show their support for his reinstatement.

While some took to the streets, rallying at the Stadium Plaza store in Tewksbury on Friday, July 25, others have posted their receipts from grocery stores other than Market Basket to MB doors and windows. Others still took their protests to their cars. Literally.

Check out more Boston.com coverage of the Market Basket saga here.


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