Driving With the Air Bag System “Off’’

Q. I love my 2013 Altima 2.5SL except for what I feel is a major safety flaw.  At times, with my wife in the front passenger seat, her air bag system shows “OFF.’’ I have driven to my dealer’s service when this happens and am continually told, “That at 5’2’’ tall, 104lbs. and 16 inches wide that the bag sensors recognize her as a ‘Small Object’ and she is safer without the air bags deploying–there is no problem.’’   They will not put that in writing.  To complicate the issue, at other times the air bag system is operable when she is in the seat. So it appears the sometimes air bags are good for her and other times not? What should I do?


A. Nissan actually had a voluntary recall about this very matter. This recall is being performed to replace the occupant classification system (OCS) sensors on certain specific 2013 Altima vehicles. To get more information you should call 800-Nissan1 and explain exactly what is happening with your car. The Nissan campaign number is PC214.

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