Should I Buy New or Used?

Q. I am trying to decide between purchasing a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L and a 2012 Infiniti G37X. I like the idea of purchasing new but want to get a little more car for the money. I am slightly concerned of the long term cost of a used Infiniti over the new Accord. What do you think?

A. There is nothing like a new car and the Honda Accord EX-L comes pretty well equipped with navigation, lane departure warning system and a host of other convenience and comfort options. Now the Infiniti is a true luxury car and there are a few items with the Infiniti that you can’t get in the Honda and only you can decide if you can live without those features. If the Infiniti is your choice you could purchase an extended warranty to help alleviate some of your concerns about long term repair costs.


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