How Do You Like the Hyundai Equus Now?

Q. You once said you weren’t sure how Hyundai would do with the luxury Equus. In the past six months, have you had a chance to drive one and have your thoughts changed?

JohnPaul-80-2__1239736084_1429.jpgA. I recently drove the Equus again and continue to come away very impressed. The cabin is pure luxury with every conceivable option. The ride is comfortable although slightly firm; the 429 horsepower V-8 engine provided stellar performance. The top of the line Equus, called the Ultimate, has a retail price of $68,000. This price is expensive for a Hyundai but tens of thousands of dollars less than the nearest European equivalent. For buyers that are more concerned about the value for their dollar and less about the name on the car that sits in their driveway, the Equus is a winner.


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