Jaguar vs. BMW vs. Infiniti

Q. I am considering a new car, the cars I have in mind are the Jaguar XF, BMW 550 and the Infiniti Q70. Do you have a favorite and why?

JohnPaul-80-2__1239736084_1429.jpgA. My favorite car based on pure style is the Jaguar; it has to be one of the most visually appealing cars on the road today. The BMW continues to be a driver’s car. It handles well has telepathic steering and the twin turbo V-8 engine is very responsive. The Q70 by Infiniti is the one car I haven’t driven, previous year models handled well and were comfortable and loaded with technology, but for me the style of the Q70 doesn’t do it for me. The BMW with its 4.4 liter 450 horsepower V-8, eight-speed transmission and stealthy style would be my choice.


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