Keyless Start Cars Can Leave the Engine Running

Q. A friend of mine has a late model Lexus with keyless start and he has left it running a number of times as it does not shut off automatically. He even left it running in the garage! He’s been to the Cadillac dealer many times to try to get them to install something that will shut the car off automatically. They have no solutions. This seems to be a real safety issue, any suggestions?

JohnPaul-80-2__1239736084_1429.jpgA. This is not the first time I have heard about this problem; in fact, some safety agencies have suggested there should be some sort of legislation that would prohibit this kind of thing from happening. Generally speaking, in all of the keyless start cars that I have driven, if you walk away with the key and the engine is running, the car will alert the driver with a tone or beep. This would be the same issue if you were trying to lock the car and the engine was running. I think it is a new technology that people need to get used to.

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