Audi S4 vs. BMW 335

Q. You once compared the BMW M3 to a Audi S4 which I thought was not really a good comparison, the BMW is much more of a performance car than the S4. Still I value you opinion about cars. I am considering buying a new car and wonder what you think of the S4 versus the BMW 335?

JohnPaul-80-2__1239736084_1429.jpgA. The Audi S4 versus the BMW 335 is as debated as Camaro versus Mustang. When you compare the two cars they are very similar. The Audi has a little more horsepower but weighs more, making the day-to-day performance about the same. Fuel economy should you care about such things is better in the BMW. The BMW is a bit cheaper to purchase depending how you add options. I recently drove the Audi S4 and found it to be, quick, handled well and the interior was a class leader. Comparing it to the BMW 335 (it has been a while since I drove a 3 series BMW) I would favor the Audi. If you factor in price and fuel mileage then my vote would go to the BMW. Readers your thoughts on these two great cars or maybe even a different car this reader should consider?

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