Massachusetts Driver’s Licenses Not Up to Snuff for Federal Government

Driver’s licenses from Massachusetts are running into some trouble with federal agencies because the Bay State is one of nine that has not agreed to new federal security measures when it comes to granting IDs, The Boston Globe reports.

According to the report, Massachusetts has not signed on to a new federal law known as REAL ID.

Bay State residents can no longer use their driver’s licenses to get inside some government agencies because the state is one of nine that have not signed on to a federal law called REAL ID. If nothing changes, they will even lose the ability to display their licenses to board a plane.

The REAL ID measure presses states to verify citizenship and update security standards when they issue licenses. Congress intended the act to prevent terrorists who arrive in the country illegally from boarding planes. But officials in Massachusetts and elsewhere have balked at a program they contend costs millions, raises privacy concerns, and infringes on states’ rights.

You can read the full Boston Globe report here.


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