Trulia + Uber = Solution to Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

Now you can order an Uber from inside the Trulia mobile app.
Now you can order an Uber from inside the Trulia mobile app. –AFP/Getty

In a development straight out of a misanthrope’s dream, you can now find an apartment listing, schedule a viewing, and hire a car to take you there all without speaking to another human or looking up from your smartphone.

In other words, Trulia has integrated Uber into its mobile app. Now, when you’re looking at a house or apartment listing on Trulia, there will be a button next to “Get Directions’’ that reads “Visit with Uber.’’ The button will summon a car and autofill your destination with the listing’s address.

“Trulia’s new collaboration with Uber is an example of how Trulia simplifies the search for your next home,’’ said Jonathan McNulty, Head of Consumer Product at Trulia, in a statement. The integration is available in every city where both companies operate, including Boston.


If you are a normal Uber and Trulia user, you’re probably thinking, “Nice! That sounds easy.’’ But if you are the type of user Uber thinks you are, you’re thinking, “FINALLY! AN END TO MY PERPETUAL SUFFERING!’’

Here’s a passage from the Uber’s blog post about the partnership:

“If you’ve ever looked for a home, you’re all too familiar with how tedious it can be to visit multiple properties. Without a real estate agent to guide you through new neighborhoods, it’s even more apparent when you have to navigate unfamiliar territory and suffer searching for parking in some of the most congested areas of town.’’

Clearly, we are living in peak age-of-convenience, when anything requiring some small effort is a problem that must be fixed immediately. We don’t get to go somewhere new, we “have to navigate unfamiliar territory.’’ We don’t look for a parking spot, we “suffer searching for parking.’’ We are basically the millennial version of those people in the first half of infomercials, struggling mightily through everyday life until a magical product – TrUlberia – comess along to save us from our ineptitude.

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